Capturing Cambridge
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Guy Harlings

History of Guy Harlings

In the 1901 census there is a house called Guy Harlings in this vicinity which is almost certain to be one of the houses listed in the 1911 here but identification is unsure.


George Guy Butler, head, 20, university student, born Shanghai

Stella M, sister, 19, born Shanghai

Eveline, sister, 16, born Shanghai

Eustace, brother, 11, born Shanghai

Emma L Straight, aunt, 44, living on own means, born Chelmsford

Louisa R Rickard, 25, cook, born Cambridge

Ellen Pitts, 21, housemaid, born Manea

George Guy Butler was a student at Emmanuel College. He studied medicine at St Thomas’s Hospital and was a Captain in the RAMC in WWI and was awarded the MBE. He was later director of the Laboratory Dar-es-Salaam and bacteriologist Government Lymph Establishment, Ministry of Health.


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