Capturing Cambridge
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97 Hills Road, (2 Eastbourne Terrace)

History of 97 Hills Road


Robert Charles Catling, 29, brewer & commercial traveller, born Ely

Emily Jane, 21, born Essex

Maria Evans, 22, servant, born Girton


Richard W Maris, 39, corn merchant, born Hinxton

Martha M, 37, born Somerset

Annie M, 13, born Essex

Edith, 12, born Hinxton

Lillian M, 9, born Hinxton

Robert J, 7, born Hinxton

Herbert H, 4, born Fulbourn

William B, 1, born Fulbourn

Harriet A Middleton, 23, servant, born Swavesey

Jane Osborne, servant, 15, born Wilbraham


Louisa Ellis, widow, 59, living on own means, born Sussex

Fanny Ellam, servant, 21, born Great Shelford


Louisa Ellis, widow

Rachel Pooley, servant, 21, born Norfolk


Alice Bragg, 52, widow, apartments, born Balsham

Stanley G Bragg, 27, farm pupil, born Balsham

Henry Frank Preston38, boarder, district supt., born Hammersmith

Stanley Jones, 28, flour mill engineer, born Liverpool

George Barker, 20, wood carver, born Kent


Mrs Bragg



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