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102 Long Road, Friarswood

History of 102 Long Road

An article in the Cambridge Evening New in 1992 reported:

If a house can ever claim to have travelled then 102 Long Road in Cambridge has several ports of call to its credit.

It is the timbers in this Elizabethan-style house which carry with them such a varied past. They are thought to have first been put to use in the construction of a 16th century stout sea-going vessel.

But once its sea-faring days were over, the ship was broken up and the timbers sold at Stourbridge Fair in Cambridge.

They were bought by a local butcher who built a house and shop out of them in Peas Hill, on the present site of the Guildhall, but were pulled down in 1935 to make way for the Guildhall extension.

The original owner of 102 Long Road became aware of their demolition and bought all the original materials. These were carefully numbered so as to cre4ate a home using as much of the original materials as possible. Other material fro the Peas Hill shop were also incorporated into the property including old wainscoting, lead rainwater heads and flooring.

Sources: Cambridge News (Cambridgeshire Collection)


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