Capturing Cambridge
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4 Rock Road, (32)

History of 4 Rock Road


(32 Rock Road)

Frederick W Mason, 38, commercial traveller, born Hartlepool

Elizabeth, 38, born Somerset

Yolande M, 3, born Cambridge

Elizabeth M Starling, 15, general servant, born Cambs.


(32 Rock Road)

George Amos Banham, 58, veterinary surgeon, local inspector Bd. of Agriculture of County and Borough of Cambridge, born Cambridge

Elizabeth, 46, born Gt Wilbraham

Daniel John Banham, 53, brother, farm bailiff, born Cambridge

Adelaide Gillson, 18, general servant, born Waterbeach

George Banham became vice president of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and wrote ‘The Veterinary Surgeon’s Vade Mecum’, originally called ‘Veterinary Posology and Other Information’. It was published in 1909 in New York.


An article in the Veterinary Record (2011;168:03-506) by Edward Boden, describes how it was Banham who had the inspiration to form a British Veterinary Association in 1881. He was newly qualified and had studied science in Berlin and worked in a pioneering laboratory in London. He was appointed first honorary secretary of the society which first met in 1882 and by the end of 1882 had some 220 members.



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