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126 Sturton Street

The Family of a Gardener

Garden Cottage


Joseph J. Bowd, head, married, 28, rope maker, b. St Andrew the Less parish, Cambridge
Emily S. Bowd, wife, married, 27, b. Richmond, Surrey
Emily C. Bowd, daughter, 3, scholar, b. St Andrew the Less parish, Cambridge
Alice L. Bowd, daughter, 2, b. St Andrew the Less parish, Cambridge
Sidney J. S. Bowd, son, 2 months, b. St Andrew the Less parish, Cambridge
Julia Green, servant, 14, general servant domestic, b. Stoke, Suffolk

1891 – 1911

Head of household from 1891 is James Porter, a 63 year old gardener who was born in the village of Croydon in Cambridgeshire. He and his family have moved here from 162 Sturton Street.  James is married to Louisa, aged 54, who works as a laundress.

Their 22 year old son, Frederick William, is living with them.  Frederick works as a nailer.  He married Minnie Godlington on the 15th September 1892.

Jane Northrop, 13, lives with the family.  She works as a domestic servant.  On the night of the census there is also a visitor.

Arthur A.  Aldridge is 22, and works as a sorter with the London Post Service. He was born in Lambeth.

James and Louisa are alone on the 1901 census, all the children have left home.  James is now 74 and a jobbing gardener.  It is uncertain when he died, but Louisa is living alone here in 1911.  She records that she was married for 51 and had six children, three of whom have died.  Louisa works as a laundress, she is 71.

Louisa died in 1929, aged 93.

“Special Constables. Cambridge List for the Coming Year. Special constables for the Borough of Cambridge, numbering 108, were sworn in at the Borough Police Court on Friday.” The article goes on to list the names and addresses of the 108, including: “Herbert Hides, 126 Sturton Street”. Cambridge Independent Press 31 October 1913

“Removed Pawnbrokers’ Sign.  Leonard Henry Hides, a motor driver, of 126 Sturton Street, said he saw five undergraduates in Fitzroy Street and followed them to Emmanuel College.  On the way one undergraduate took the balls down outside Messrs. Norman Bradley’s, Fitzroy Street, and took them away.  Two of the balls were thrown into Emmanuel College, and defendant ran away with the other one.” Saffron Walden Weekly News 04 March 1927


Harold C Taylor, born 1903, cinema attendant foreman

Hettie M F Taylor, born 1905, bedmaker

Source – 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 UK Census, Cambridgeshire Baptisms, Cambridgeshire Marriages, Civil Registration Death Index (1916-2007), Cambridge Independent Press (31 October 1913), Saffron Walden Weekly News (04 March 1927), 1939 register,


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