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163 Sturton Street

The Bailey Family


Caroline Flack, head, widow, 56, formerly dressmaker, b. Trumpington, Cambridgeshire
Samuel Flack, son, 23, railway machineman, b. Cambridge
Thomas Flack, son, 18, railway labourer, b. Cambridge

By 1911 Thomas is living with his family at 196 Sturton Street.


Caroline Flack, 64, widow, Needlewoman (Shirts), b. Trumpington, Cambs

Samuel Flack, 31, Machineman Great Eastern Railway, b. Cambridge

Samuel is living at 160 Sturton Street by 1911.


The head of household in 1901 is Laura Louisa Ashman Bailey (nee Dodd).  Laura’s first husband was Albert Edward Pate who used to live at 63 Ainsworth Street.  They married in 1889 and appear on the 1891 Census living at The City Arms on Sturton Street.

The couple had three sons Frederick, Albert, and Sidney.

Albert senior died of heart disease on 20th December1892. The newspaper reported that he was a cab driver living at 113 Sturton Street, which is probably a typographical error.

Laura then married bricklayer William Roberts Bailey on the 25th Dec 1893 and she appears on the 1901 Census with her three sons by Albert and two children by William.  Percy is 6 and Elsie Dorothy is 2.  William is not living with the family at this time and cannot be located on the 1901 Census.

The couple had two more children, Walter Reginald, and Alma Ellen.

Laura died on the 14th of October 1907 at Sturton Street aged 42.  She was buried on the 17th of October 1907.

William then moved with all the children to Ross Street.

During the First World War William was a Sapper in the Royal Engineers.

William died in 1928.


William Baker, head, 31, married, brickyard labourer, b. Cambridge
Ellen Baker, wife, 31, married, b. Cambridge
Bessie Baker, daughter, 10, b. Cambridge
Hephzibah Baker, daughter, 3, b. Cambridge
William Baker, son, 2, b. Cambridge
Married 10 years, 3 children

For Baker family in 1901 see 114 York Street

Sources – 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 UK Census, Herts & Cambs Reporter & Royston Crow 23 December 1892,  National Burial Index For England & Wales, British Army World War I Service Records, England & Wales, FreeBMD Marriage Index: 1837-1915


By 1917 William Baker, 37, was a sergeant in the Northamptonshire Regiment.


41-year-old William Baker still lived at 163 Sturton Street with his wife Ellen and their four children. William worked as a stoker for a brickworks company on Newmarket Road.


60-year-old William Baker and his wife Ellen still lived at 163 Sturton Street. William was by then a gasworks operator, working for a gas company.


It is not clear when William Baker died, but his wife Ellen died in 1958 aged 78. She had lived at 163 Sturton Street until she died.

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