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30 York Street

A Brewer's Man & Mason's Labourer


Robert Thompson Pawley, head, 43, 1838, boilermaker’s assistant, Cambridge
Mary Pawley, Robert’s sister-in-law, widow, 43, 1838, Cambridge
Drucilla R. Pawley, niece, 20, 1861, dressmaker, Cambridge
William H.R. Pawley, nephew, 15, 1866, errand boy, Cambridge
Mary Pawley, niece, 13, 1868, scholar, Cambridge
Thomas Pawley, nephew, 11, 1870, scholar, Cambridge
Ann R. Pawley, niece, 9, 1872, scholar, Cambridge
Ellen Pawley, niece, 7, 1874, scholar, Cambridge

Robert Thompson Pawley married Mary Pawley in October 1876.  Although recorded as his widowed sister-in-law on the 1881 Census, they are, in fact, married.


Thomas Blazley, head, brewer’s man, 40, 1851, Baldock, Hertfordshire
Elizabeth Blazley, dressmaker, 39, 1852, Baldock, Hertfordshire
Florence Blazley, dressmaker, 16, 1875, Baldock, Hertfordshire
Minnie Blazley, scholar, 11, 1880, Baldock, Hertfordshire
Thomas Blazley, scholar, 8, 1883, B. Cambridge
William Blazley, scholar , 6, 1885, B. Cambridge


Herbert H Brown, head, mason’s labourer, 32, 1869, Glemsford, Suffolk
Mary Ann E Brown, wife, 34, 1867, Cambridge
Herbert H Brown, son, 5, 1896, Leigh on Sea, Essex
Dora M Brown, daughter, 2, 1899, Cambridge


Herbert Harry Brown, 42, bricklayer’s labourer (Swan Bros has been crossed out by the enumerator and replaced with “contractors”), b. Glemsford, Suffolk (like the neighbour at 32)

Mary Ann Eliza Brown, 44, b. Cambridge

Herbert Henry Brown, 15, apprentice carpenter (Brignall has been crossed out by the enumerator and replaced with “contractors”), b. Leigh South End

Dora May Brown, 12, b. Cambridge

Lily Victoria Brown, 8, b. Cambridge

Mary Ann and Herbert have been married for fifteen years and have had four children, one of whom has died.

Sources: 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 UK Census, Cambridgeshire Banns,


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