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56 Kingston Street

A Primitive Methodist Minister, a chimney sweep, and a college servant


William Rudd, 76, Primitive Methodist Minister / Annuitant, b. Shernbourne, Norfolk
Lucy Rudd, 66. Shernbourne, Norfolk
Sarah Rudd, 23, milliner, b. North Walsham, Norfolk
William Heath, 24, visitor, Primitive Methodist Minister St Ives, b. Kings Hill, Staffordshire


In 1891, 56 Kingston Street was home to the Smith family. Charles Smith, a 35 year old Chimney Sweep, is married to 27 year old Florence. They have three children. Their eldest, Edgar Smith, aged 5, is in school. He is listed as born in Northumberland, which suggests they lived in Northumberland at the time, though both Charles and Florence hail from Cambridgeshire. Edgar’s sisters, Marion, aged 2, and Gladys, not yet a year old, are both too young to go to school.


By 1901, little has changed. Heartbreakingly, Marian Smith dies in 1898, aged only 9 years. Charles and Florence have had two more children, 4 year old Hector McDonald and 4 month old Horace.


By 1911, 56 Kingston Street is home to George Allen, a 43 year old College Servant. He is married to Martha Allen, aged 43, and they have a daughter, Annie, aged 8, who is in school. Also present is a boarder, Martha Wilson Runham, a 77 year old widow from Chesterton.


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