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Photo: Rob Howard

Latham Road

A turning off Trumpington Road

Latham Road turns to the west off Trumpington Road near the northern end of Trumpington parish.

For derivations of street names see Trumpington Local History Group web page

Its history and residents have been described in “Rus In Urbe. Chaucer Road and Latham Road: the History of Two Rural Roads in
Cambridge”, by Jane Renfrew, Magnus Renfrew and John Rose, published by the Southacre, Latham and Chaucer Residents’
Association (SOLACHRA) in 1996. This is a valuable source about the development of the area (full details in the bibliography).

Formore information, contact the SOLACHRA Secretary, Ian Gaseltine:

For names of people who have lived here in the past see the Trumpington Local History Group page

For archaeological report on no.15 Latham Road:

Nos. 2 (Old Nurseries) and 10 are listed buildings


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