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25 – 26 Bridge Street / The Barley Mow / the Bell / the Bunch of Grapes

History of 25-26 Bridge Street

1959 Royal Commission on Historical Monuments Survey of Cambridge: has walls of plastered timber-framing and tiled roof. It consists of a 16th cent. range to the street, with a 17th cent. NE wing. There are numerous original features inside.

Early history of the site from T E Faber, An Intimate History of St Clement’s, 2006.

1279: William de Pickering paid rent to Barnwell Priory of 3s plus a pound of cumin

1295: Richard de Parham acquires lease

1349: John de Parham [probably Richard’s grandson] granted his mother Amicia a tenement in St Clement’s which abutted onto the high road and which lay between the tenements of Geoffrey Seman.

1355: One of the two cottages granted to St John’s  Hospital. Roger le Kobelere was the tenant.

1365 – 1371: Robert de Bury

1484/5: John Waryn

1490/91: John Waryn

1505 – 11: Laurence Rankyn who rebuilt the premises

1526/70: lease from St John’s College for 20s ‘ for a tenement in the tenure of William Rychardson, late William Gotte, lately let’ at 23s 6d.

1540: John Bell (II), weaver,  paid rent to St John’s.  Died 1553.

1586: lease to Harwood Cook. Contains condition that the tenant should rebuild ‘The Bell’ i.e. an inn.

Hearth Tax period: head lease held by John Lowry, fishmonger, or James Lowry of King’s Lynn, merchant. occupied by John Bullen, haberdasher.

1729-44: John Martin; he paid extra for a brandy licence in 1730 and 1731

1742-67: Elizabeth Martin for Bunch of Grapes in 1752

1768-69: John Ogram for Grapes

1770: not listed

1771-80: James, later Ann, Chiswick for Grapes

1776: John Gillam acquired head lease and therefore association with Thompson’s Lane brewery.

1781-98: Anne Chiswick for Barley Mow

1795: sold by St John’s as a single property. Bought by the sitting tenant John Purchas. Described as ‘ now divided into two tenements one whereof is now used as a public victualling house called the Barley Mow.’

1799-1856: Barley Mow listed continuously

1803: Richard Foster acquires ownership

25 – 26 Bridge Street circa 1890

Sebleys Tea Rooms and Ham Shop (date unknown)

1830: William Todd (Pigot’s)

1839: James Banham (Pigot’s Directory)

1851: Robert Royston (Gardner’s)

1852: Robert Reynolds (Slaters)

1859: Mrs Royston, tenant, Thompsons Lane Brewery records (held at Cambridgeshire Archives). Property auctioned off with rest of Foster estate. It then consisted of a shop with shop window and a tap room, plus four bedrooms, stabling and a cow house with loft above. It was bought by Magdalene and shortly afterwards ceased to function as a pub.


Emma Royston, victualler, 59, b Wilts
Martha R Royston, daughter, 36, b Bath
Joseph Royston, son, lawyers clerk, 19, b Cambridge
Matilda Allan, servant, 28, b Cambridge

The Lost Pubs project online records that at some point in the 1860s the premises was Sebleys Tea Rooms and Ham Shop.


Herbert Sebley, eating house keeper


W Stockbridge & Sons, antique dealers


Magdalene College sold property


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