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Photo: Rob Howard

St Faith’s School

St Faith's is a private prep school on Trumpington Road

St Faith’s is a private prep school attached to the Leys and occupying several houses and more recent extensions along Trumpington Road.

Talk on the history of St Faith’s School

See also:

St Faith’s, A Short History by F.M.White (undated).

F W White looks for evidence that the origin of St Faith’s was the school run by Ralph Shilleto Goodchild at 1 Belvoir Terrace. Spalding’s guide to Cambridge lists Ralph Goodchild at this address in 1884. In 1887 R S Goodchild is listed as ‘preparatory school for the sons of gentlemen”; by 1895 he had moved to Trumpington Road, the name of St Faith’s is first mentioned, and the school is now ‘for young gentlemen’. The precise year the school started at Belvoir Terrace remains undocumented.  (pp 4-5)


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