Capturing Cambridge
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1 Belvoir Terrace, Trumpington Road

History of 1 Belvoir Terrace

Royal Commission Survey of Cambridge 1959: the five houses were built probably c. 1825 on plots some 63 yds deep leaving comparatively large gardens from and back.


Alfred R Temple, surgeon [died in 1881]

He had being living at 5 Trumpington Street in 1871.



Ralph Shilleto Goodchild (Spalding’s)



Ralph Shilleto Goodchild, preparatory school for the sons of gentlemen [This was the origin of St Faith’s Preparatory School which had moved by 1895 to Trumpington Road]



Ralph Goodchild, 31, schoolmaster, b Essex

Elenor, 33, b Berks

E Clary, 5, b Cambridge

Katherine F, 3, b Cambridge

Harriet Pauley, 24, cook, b Cambridge

Julia Stubbings, 20, housemaid, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Stubbings, 15, nurse, b Cambridge

Alice Poulter, 15, under housemaid, b Cambridge





James Harry Stewart McArthur, 48, single, barrister & director of companies, b Surrey

Charles Frederick Warner, 43, married, army pensioner and butler, b Oxon

Sarah Ann Warner, 39, married, cook housekeeper, b Berks

Frank Victor Warner, 10, b Middlesex


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