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Arbury Camp Farm and St Fillans, Arbury Road

History of Arbury Camp Farm

Arbury Camp Farm OS 1925

Location of Arbury Camp and St Fillans


Edward James Burkett, widower, 62, assistant overseer to the poor, b Histon

Christine, 19, housekeeper, b Histon

Millicent, 18, school student teacher, b Histon

Dorothy Muriel, 16, school student teacher, b Histon

Edward John, 13, b Histon



Edward James Burkett, Arbury Road



Arbury Camp:

Millicent Burkett, b 1892, school teacher

Dorothy M Burkett, b 1894, school teacher


St Fillans:

Edward J Burkett, b 1897, metal turner maintenance and food preserving factory

Mary, b 1898

Kathleen M, b 1929


IP wrote to Capturing Cambridge  in 2021 with the following notes (and maps):

My grandfather and grandmother (James Edward Burkett and Mary Burkett) and great aunts (Milicent and Dorothy Burkett) owned and occupied two properties on the Kings Hedges Road. My great aunts lived in a house called Arbury Camp and my grandparents lived in a house to the east, called St Fillans, after the village in Scotland my grandmother came from at the eastern end of Loch Earn.

Arbury Camp would be the eastern half of the semi-detached property just below and left of the letter A in Arbury on the 1925 map. St. Fillans is not shown but does show a later map from 1950. My grandfather farmed the orchard between the two houses until his death. My sisters and I regularly stayed at St Fillans as children and hold special memories. Most notably my grandfather shooting rabbits with his small-bore shotgun from the bedroom windows in the early morning! Health and safety was not as well developed then as it is now. He also regularly set fire to the hedge between the two houses after knocking his pipe out on the trunk of a box hedge!

The Burketts were a well-known family in Impington and Histon, being cousins to the Chiver and Unwin families. The road Burkett Way in Histon was named after the family.


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