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231 – 3 (167) (176) Newmarket Road, Butcher’s Arms

History of 231-3 Newmarket Road

1851 Geo. Sealbrook (Gardner’s Directory)

1852 Thomas Houlden (Slaters Directory)

1861 176 Newmarket Road Public House

Robert Lyon, head, 38, labourer, b Elsworth

Mary Ann, 38, no profession,  b Barton

Elliott, 9, b Elsworth

Mary Ann, 6, b Cambridge

Sarah Ann, 5, b Cambridge


Richard Hipwell, head, 58, hatter, b Notts

Harriet, 37, charwoman, b Cambridge

Harriet, 15, b Beds

William Jackson, lodger, 24, labourer, b Cambridge

Richard Swan, lodger, 57, butcher,  b Cambridge


In 2023 RB sent this note: My great grandfather Thomas Burris born 1838 in Longacre, London. He enlisted in the Royal Navy and served in the Crimean War. Invalided out in 1858 it appears he married a gypsy and became a ‘hawker’. Married in Whitechapel, London in 1863 my grandmother was not born till 1872. No other children were found in the censuses. It seemed odd that 9 years before a first child I searched for more in the birth, death and baptism records. My latest finding is Martha Burris b. Aug 1865 Cambridge. The Birth certificate states ‘The Butcher’s Arms. I doubt he and his wife stayed there long and I assume they parked a caravan nearby.

Martha Burris b1865 Butcher’s Arms, Newmarket Road

1869 Wm Scowen (Post Office Directory)

1871 Butcher’s Arms unnumbered

William Scowan, licensed victualler & lodging house keeper, 37, b Norwich

Ellen Scowan, wife, 23, b Bedford

Susan Scowan, mother, widow, 76, b Epping

Danile Harding, nephew, barman, 18,  b London

William Fulcher, nephew, errand boy, 14, Norwich

Harriet Cole, general servant, 19, b Suffolk

William Houstwick, lodger, messenger, 53, b Chatteris

John Edwards, lodger, labourer, 42, b Norfolk

Thomas Latimore, lodger, labourer, 27, b Cambridge

John Smith, lodger, labourer, 18, Cambridge

Matthew Finch, lodger, hawker, 49, Leicester

Emma Finch, lodger, hawker, 39, b Colchester

Mathew Finch jun, lodger, hawker, 27, b Leicester

Mary A Finch, lodger, hawker, 23, b Leicester

Caroline Finch, lodger, 4, b Leicester

Mathew Finch, lodger, 3, b Leicester

Charles Shedd, lodger, labourer, 33, b Cambridge

William Barlow, lodger, labourer, 35, b Cambridge,

James Frost, lodger, labourer, 44, b Cambridge,

Henry Goffin, lodger, shoemaker, 19, b Beccles

James Cookman, lodger, tailor, 21, b Beccles

Henry Nichols, lodger, hawker, 18, b Halstead

Charles Brown, lodger, hawker, 19, b London

George Smith, lodger, hawker, 21, b London

John Woods, lodger, 64, driver, b Ireland

Ebenezer Jewell, lodger, 48, hatter, b Leicester

Mary A Jewell, lodger, 38, charwoman, b Leicester

Mary A Jewell, lodger, 5, b Leicester

Susan Jewell, lodger, 3, b Leicester

Mary Ann Long, lodger, 36, charwoman, b Cambridge

William Long, lodger, 10, b Cambridge

Mary Long, lodger, 5, b Cambridge

Ann Johnson, lodger, 56, needlewoman, b Cambridge

Mary Ann Kent, lodger, 26, b Essex

Charles Kent, lodger, 29, labourer, b Essex

Charles, lodger, 2, b Kent

Thomas Mullett, lodger, 79, labourer, b London

James Marfleet, lodger, 25, labourer, b Cambs

William Harris, lodger, 29, sieve maker, b Gamlingay

Emma Harrie, lodger, 26, b Gamlingay

Henry, lodger, 3, b Gamlingay

Henry Thurston, lodger, 25, brickmaker, b Cambridge

Esther Thurston, lodger, 26, b Cambridge

Charles Thurston, lodger, 1, b Cambridge

1879 W Francis (Kellys Directory)

1881 167 Newmarket Road

William Francis, publican and lodging house keeper, 55, b Suffolk

Sarah Francis, 57, b Burwell

Frances Faircliffe, niece, 15, b Burwell

Mary A Green, sister, widow, 67, b Suffolk

Arthur Faircliffe, nephew, railway porter, 22, b Burwell

Richard Young, lodger, 23, labourer, b Cambridge

John Willson, lodger, 36, labourer, b Leighton on the Hill

Edward Stokes, lodger, 21, labourer, b Suffolk

Joseph Bird, lodger, 27, painter, b Royston

Henry Russell, lodger, 50, engine fitter, b Yorks

Thomas Garton, lodger, 33, stone mason, b St Neots

Sarah Whittaker, lodger, 60. pedlar, b Manchester

Peter Carney, lodger, 87, hawker, b Ireland

John Carnet, lodger, 39, hawker, b Prickwillow

Walter Hope, lodger, 19, machinist, b Surrey

1883 W Francis (Kellys Directory)

1888 Mrs S Francis (Kelly’s Directory)

1891 Butchers Arms (unnumbered)

William Lester, 43, innkeeper, b Leicester

Kate, 40, b West Indies


Frederick Palmer, 48, builder, b Surrey

George Gates, 40, brickmaker, b Cambridge

Frederick Wiseman, 45, discharged soldier travelling, b Norfolk

William Atkins, 30, groom, b Stafford

Jacob Göre, 25, musician German Band, b Germany

John Göres, 49, musician German Band, b Germany

Peter Decker, 38, musician German Band, b Germany

Julius Diek, 19, musician German Band, b Germany

Peter Alt, 16, musician German Band, b Germany

Jacob Brock, 19, musician German Band, b Germany

Charles Smith, 44, painter, b Essex

John Murry, 30, wheelwright, b Dublin

John Bell, 70, groom, b Dublin

Thomas Henry Brewer, 70, gardener, b Cambridge

Ellen Brewer, 63, b London

James Newman, 35, painter, b Cambridge

1892 Wm Lester (Kellys Directory)

1896 William Wheatley (Kellys Directory)

1901 Butcher’s Arms (unnumbered)

William Wheatley, 34, publican & dealer, b Cambridge

Louise, 38, b Cambridge

Maud, 8, b Cambridge

Lauria, 6, b Cambridge

Visitors [lodgers]:

Thomas Anderson, 76, hawker, b Kings Lynn

John Reeve, 51, brewer, b Cambs

William Snowdon, 59, shipwright, b Sunderland

William Mitchell, 63, b Cambridge

Charles Clarch, 50, b Cambridge

Mary Snowdon, 46, b Jarrow on Tyne

Charles Shadbolt, 51, b Cambridge

William Coulby, 50, b Grantham

Elizabeth Coulby, 42, b Norfolk

Henry Green, 43, upholsterer, b London

Charles Brown, 26, b London

Harry Francis, 64, b London

Robert Whitehead, 32, hawker, b Cambridge

Belby Houghton, 64, b Cambridge

Mable, 17, b Cambridge

Maryan Nunn, 41, b Fulbourn

William, 37, b Haverhill

Henry Salman, 42, porter, b Cambridge

Abigail, 40, b Cambridge

George Turner, 72, labourer, b Herts

John Walker, 62, pedlar, b Osbastone

Fred Burrowes, 52, labourer, b Australia

Ellen Burrowes, 52, b Leeds

Rowland Odell, 26, grocer shopkeeper, b Cambridge

Emily Rhodes, 35, house keeper, b Cambridge

Ellen Rhodes, 15, b Worcs

John East, border, 43, farm labourer, b Meldreth

Joseph East, border, 40, farm labourer, b Meldreth

1911 Butcher’s Arms (13 rooms)

James W Lee, head, 33, licensed victualler, b Cambridge

Emily, 25, b Cambridge

Doris, 2, b Cambridge

Rita, 1 m, b Cambridge


George Wyard, 75, army pensioner, b Cambridge

Arthur Stretch, 45, drover, b Cambridge

Dan Cole, 66, jobbing gardener, b Chippenham

Robert Casey, 34, marine store dealer, b Cambridge

Harry Wilson, 48, labourer, b Cambridge

Harry Smith, 43, labourer, b Cambridge

Harry Brinkley, 52, china mender, b Norfolk

Jack Billesly, 37, horse coper, b London

Tom Whippet, 48, horse coper, b Bedford

Charles Gray, 40, labourer, b Cambridge

Joseph Turner, 47, hawker, b London

Emma Turner, 44, house cleaner, b London

Jack Ernslie, 68,  umbrella mender, b Manchester

Mary Ernslie, 69, umbrella mender, b Manchester

Fred Love, 46, labourer, b Cambridge

Jack Johnson, 38, drover, b Hitchin

Harry Twinn, 39, hawker, b London

Liza Hudson, 46, hawker, b Yarmouth

William Hopley, 34, hawker, b London

George Standen, 19, labourer, b Kent

Tom Cooper, 27, mat mender, b Chatham

Liza Mills, 24, hawker, b London

George Fordham, 48, labourer, b Cambridge

Charles Sergeant, 52, porter, b Cambridge

Thomas Carroll, 73, army pensioner, b Manchester

Charles Foreman, 33, labourer, b St Ives

Harry Frost, 47, labourer, b Liverpool

Jane Frost, 44, house worker, b Liverpool

Harry Salmon, 54, porter, b Cambridge

Martha Salmon, 48, house cleaner, b Cambridge

Joseph Pammenter, 69, labourer, b Royston

Hary Gibson, 39, labourer, b Chatteris

1913 James Lee (Spalding Directory)

1916 Wm Bryan (Kellys Directory)

1933 Harry Habbin (Kelly’s Directory)


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