Capturing Cambridge
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Chesterton Lane looking west towards Northampton Street pre 1913

1 Northampton Street

History of 1 Northampton Street

1 Northampton Street, unknown date

1913: (1)

William Collin, coal and coke merchant, builder’s merchant

1962: (1)

Pleasance and Read, surveyors

There is some confusion over the identity of buildings in Northampton Street. In 1962 virtually nothing is listed on the north side of the street whilst in 1913 there are numerous buildings. However the 1913 town guide has a typographical error and instead of ‘south side’ it has two ‘north side’ lists. The photo shows seems to show Wm Collin at the site now occupied by the Museum of Cambridge but there must have been some realignment of the roads to create a crossroad at the junction.


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