Capturing Cambridge
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Griff Maclaurin

5 All Saints Passage

History of 5 All Saints Passage


James Greenwood, 59, piano tuner, b Yorks

Hannah, 60, b Yorks


Grace Ethel Bement, 31, restaurant proprietress, b Cambridge

Alice Maud Kidd, 20, waitress, b Cambs

John Harry Tebbs, 45, boarder, auctioneer, b St Ives

John Tebbs, 71, old age pensioner formerly confectioner, b Hunts

Bimula Karla Parker, 18, civil service student, b India

Anukal Chandra Sen, 21, law student, b India


Miss Bement, The Indian Restaurant

A G S Draycott, journalist



Griffith (Griff) Campbell Maclaurin, a new Zealander who had studied Maths at Cambridge, opened a left wing (Communist Party) bookshop. He later joined the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War and was killed in action in Madrid (defending the Philosophy Faculty at the university) in November 1936.  The bookshop moved to 1 Rose Crescent.

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Chloe, milliner


Prohibido Lingerie


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