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28 Clarendon Street at junction with Earl Street

28 Clarendon Street, Crown and Sceptre, Clarendon Street Veterinary Surgery

History of 28 Clarendon Street


David Fletcher, 33, Baker & Publican, b. Gt Gidding, Hunts

Sarah Fletcher, 30, b. Brinkley, Cambs

William Fletcher, 6, b. Cambridge

Robert Fletcher, 4, b. no entry

Charles Fletcher, 2, b. Cambridge

Edward Fletcher, 10m, b. Cambridge

George Kirkup, 18, Baker’s Apprentice, b. Cambridge

Charles Watson, 16, Baker’s Boy, b. Cambridge

Margaret Brown, 17, House Servant, b.C ambridge


Entry 189

Thomas Coulson, 31, Baker, employing 1 boy, b. Cambridge

Esther Coulson, 21, Baker’s Wife, b. Santon, Norfolk

Mary Mitchell, b. Swavensey, Cambs, General Servant, Domestic

Link to Mill Road website:


Entry 190

Thomas Beris, 32, Baker, b. Swanton, Norfolk

Elizabeth Beris, 26, Bakers Wife, b. Cambridge

Ellen Beris, 4, b. Cambridge

William Beris, 2, b. Cambridge

Thomas, Beris, 3m, b. Cambridge

1874 – 1878

Thomas Coulson, The Crown & Sceptre, and confectioner (1874) then Coulson & Bevis, bakers and confectioners (1878)


Address is Crown & Sceptre

Thomas Bevis, 42, Baker & Confectioner, b. Swantre Morley, Norfolk

Elizabeth Bevis, 36, b. Cambridge

Ellenor Bevis, 14, b. Cambridge

William Bevis, 12, b. Cambridge

Thomas A Bevis, 10, b. Cambridge

Ada Bevis, 8, b. Cambridge

Arthur Bevis, 6, b. Cambridge

Lizzie C Bevis, 4, b. Cambridge

Frederick T Burningham, 16, Nephew, Baker’s Apprentice, b. Farnham, Surrey

Mary Bridgeman, 14, Servant, b. Burwell, Cambs

Spalding 1881 has Coulson & Bevis, bakers and confectioners, then Thos Bevis, “Crown & Sceptre”

Mill Road Cemetery

1884 – 1887

Coulson & Bevis, bakers, “Crown & Sceptre” (1884), then Coulson & Bevis, bakers & confectioners, plus Thomas Bevis, “Crown & Sceptre” (1887)


Entry 173/Page 25

Thomas Bevis, 52, Baker & Confectioner, b. Swantre Morley, Norfolk

Elizabeth Bevis, 46, b. Cambridge

Ellenor Bevis, 24, b. Cambridge

William Bevis, 22, Baker Confectioner, b. Cambridge

Thomas A Bevis, 10, b. Cambridge

Ada Bevis, 18, b. Cambridge

Arthur Bevis, 16, Baker with his father, b. Cambridge

Lizzie C Bevis, 14, b. Cambridge

Mill Road Cemetery


Coulson & Bevis, bakers & confectioners, plus Thomas Coulson & Thomas Bevis, “Crown & Sceptre”


Entry 218/District 02

“Crown & Sceptre Inn”

William Bevis, 32, Baker, b. Cambridge

Edith H Bevis, 30, b. Cambridge

Doris E Bevis, 7, b. Cambridge

Elinor c Bevis, 1, b. Cambridge

Arthur Bevis, 26, b. Cambridge

Susan Vale, 16, Servant, b. West Wratting

Mill Road Cemetery


William Bevis, 42, Baker, b. Cambridge

Edith Florence Bevis, 41, b. Cambridge

Arthur Bevis, 36, Baker, b. Cambridge

Dorith Evis Bevis, 17

Enid Bevis, 11,


28 Clarendon Street. Coulson and Bevis sign visible


Coulson & Bevis, bakers and confectioners

William Bevis, Crown and Sceptre

Arthur Bevis


M B Lingwood veterinary surgeon

28 Clarendon Street


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