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8 Clarendon Street

History of 8 Clarendon Street


Leolin Wells, 26, Land Proprietor, b. Cambridge

Elizth Wells, 27

Maria E Wells, 5m,

Lionel C Wells, 17, Stock Broker

Ann Dickerson, 55

Harriet Hobson, 19, Servant


Alfred Sager, 32, Bookbinder,  b. Cambridge

Ann Sager, 33, b. Cambridge

Charles Dawson, 20, Lodger, Accountant, at County Bank, b. Kent

Presumably mis-spelt in census (see 1871 entry)



Alfred Sayer, 42, Bookbinder,  b. Cambridge

Ann Sayer, 43, b. Cambridge

Benjamin C Scammell, 28, Lodger, Banker’s Clerk, b. Poulnor, Hamps

Mill Road Cemetery

James Dimmock was here in 1874. By 1878 he had moved to 3 Emery Street.


Arthur Roe


Arthur Roe, 41, Gunmaker, b. Ipswich

Jane Roe, 40, b. Ipswich

Emma Jane Roe, 18, Scholar, b. Ipswich

Alice Maude Roe, 9, b. Cambridge

Ernest Arthur Roe, 6, b. Cambridge

Emily Grace Roe, 1, b. Cambridge

1884 – 1887

A Roe, porter


Jane Roe, 50, Lodging House Keeper, b. Ipswich

Ernest A Roe, 16, Telegraph Messenger, b. Cambridge

Emily J Roe, 11, b. Cambridge

Alfred Meteyard, 58, Lodger, Gas Engineer, b. Shrewsbury

Bertha Robertson, 25, Dressmaker, Lodger, b. Shrewsbury


Jane Roe, 60, Work at home, b. Ipswich

Alice M Roe, 29, b. Cambridge

Ernest R Roe, 26, Postman, b. Cambridge

Emily G Roe, 21, b. Cambridge


Jane Roe, 70, Lodging Housekeeper, b.Ipswich

Emily Grace Roe, 31, Dress Maker, b. Cambridge



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