Capturing Cambridge
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15 Station Road, 1 Arundel Villas

History of 15 Station Road


(2 Poplar Villa)

Weston James Hatfield, 39, journalist newspaper

Ann Stanyon, 34, born Northants.

Annie C Dorothy, 3, born Cambridge

Margaret Emma Major, niece, 11, born Dorset

Jane Hills, servant, 19, born Gt Abington

Weston James Hatfield (1830-1871) buried Mill Road Cemetery


(1 Arundel Villas)

William Tomlin, bookseller

Arthur G, 21, student in theology, born Cambridge

Edward G, bookseller’s assistant, born Cambridge


Caroline Mingay, 35, servant, born Suffolk

Annie Mingay, 16, servant, born Suffolk


(1 Arundel Villas)

William Tomlin, 54, bookseller, born Chesterton

Frances A Tomlin, wife, 51, born Chelsea

Florence Wright, stepdaughter, 26, born Cambridge

Kate Louisa, stepdaughter, 23, born Cambridge

Herbert Tomlin, son, 25, bookseller’s assistant, born Cambridge

Minnie Tomlin, daughter in law, 25, born Cambridge

Caroline Mingay, 47, servant, born Cambridge

Sarah Badcock, 16, servant, born Caldecott

Herbert R Tomlin, 5 weeks, grandson, born Chesterton


John P Gray, 76, bookbinder, born Cambridge


Ernest E, son, 25, cabinet maker, born Cambridge

Clara Langley, servant


Eliza Sarah Gray, 80, widow, born Cambridge

Clara Langley, servant, 30, born Cambridge


(no occupant)


John White


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