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Downing Street circa 1902

Downing Street / Landgrythes Lane

History of Downing Street

Downing Street follows the route of the 14th century Landgrythes Lane (see Outside the the Barnwell Gate, rev H P Stokes, 1915, Cambridge Antiquarian Society). At the western end it met Trumpington Road at the Trumpington Gate; at the eastern end it met Hadstock Way (St Andrew’s Street, Regent Street, Hills Road) at the corner where the Bird and Bolt inn was. opposite Blackfriars Monastery.

Other early names it was known by ┬áinclude Dowdivers Lane (Deus Dewers Lane, Duzedewers Lane, etc) and Langreth Lane, or Langer Lane. Later names are ‘the lane from the Mills to Emmanuel’, Hoghill Lane, Bird-bolt Lane and Pembroke Street.


Downing Street, probably south side east end corner with St Andrew’s Street


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