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7 - 12 Emmanuel Road

7 Emmanuel Road / Police Station

History of 7 Emmanuel Road

1851 Police Station

William Juggard, 39, superintendent of police, b Cambs

Ann, 31, b Cambs

Mary Ann, 7, b Cambridge

Alfred William, 4, b Cambridge

Lydia Bowman, 14, servant, b Cambridge

William Marfleet, prisoner, 51, baker, b Cambridge

Joshua Brooks, prisoner, 33, labourer, b Huddersfield

Sanders Johnson, prisoner, 22, labourer, b Cambridge

Charlotte Mist, prisoner, 32, b Bath

Frances Burford, prisoner, 22, b Surrey

Mary Rust, 21, prisoner, b Cambridge

Eliza Cooper, 22, prisoner, b Suffolk

Ann Poole, 23, prisoner, b Bath

James Rust, 5 mos, b Cambridge

Emma Burford, 7 mos, b London

Press accounts:

5/4/1851 Cambridge Chronicle

Before the Mayor, C E Brown and C Finch Esqs. Monday

Joshua Brooks, a tramp, was charged with vagrancy, but discharged on promise to leave the town

Charlotte Mist and Frances Burford, tramps, (the latter with an infant in arms) were charged by PC Thompson with having been found by him sitting on a step on the east Road, near twelve o’clock on Saturday night. They were only discharged from this court on Saturday, as above. They told the officer they were not to be frightened by the Cambridge magistrates; they came from London for a stroll, and meant to and meant to have a spree, and should not go until the magistrates gave them something. The Bench now, in compliance with their observation to the policeman, gave them seven days imprisonment each. Burford, who said “she had come to cambridge for pleasure, the same as people go to London,” on receiving the above order from the Mayor to pass a week of her pleasure taking at Mr Edis’s large establishment, thanks his worship, and hoped he would have the pleasure of sitting where he did until she had completed her visit.

Mary Rust and Eliza Cooper of Gas Lane, Burwell, were charged by PC Yardley with having assaulted him in the execution of his duty, and rescued a prisoner named Johnson, with whom Rust cohabits. The officer said he was on duty in Fitzroy Street on Saturday evening about seven o’clock, and William Parker, broker, requested him to go to Gas Lane to apprehend a man named Johnson for breaking into two of his houses. He accordingly went and apprehended Johnson at home; he went about 10 yards quietly and the two defendants coming up, in language not of the most refined, persuaded Johnson not to go to be locked up all night; whereupon he became obstreperous, and threatened to stab the officer if he collared him. A scuffle then ensued, in which the two women joined, and the policeman was very much maltreated: his eye was very severely blackened, and he was kicked and struck very violently; John son escaped, and has not at present been apprehended. prisoners were remanded until Friday.

Ann Poole, a tramp, was charged by PC Ward with begging at the back of the Colleges yesterday morning. The Mayor and Mr C Finch recognised her as having asked charity of them; and as she acknowledged she had been in Cambridge 14 days, they sent her to gaol for seven days longer, upon which she thanked their worships, and passed a similar compliment on them to that of Frances Burford as above, by wishing they might have the pleasure of sitting where they were for the same period.

William Murfleet, baker, Brewhouse lane, east Road, was charged with threatening to do for his wife, to cut her open with a knife etc. This was the third time he has been charged with threatening her life, and for which he has lately suffered three months’ imprisonment, having only been liberated about a week. He was again committed for three months in default of finding sureties.

Saunders Johnson, brother to the above mentioned Johnson who has absconded, was charged on a warrant for an assault on Robert Deeks on 28th January last, since which time defendant has absconded. Complainant said on the above mentioned day he was passing the “Blackbirds,” east Road, and defendant struck him with a wagon whip, and on his telling him if he did not desist he should get a warrant for him, he hit him on the head and also kicked him without complainant having given any provocation whatever. Fined 10s and expenses, or 14 days imprisonment and committed.

Friday (Before the Mayor, C E Brown, C porridge, E Smith and G E Foster Esqs)

Mary Rust and Elizabeth Cooper were brought up on remand as above, the man Johnson not having been apprehended. William Thomas Parker corroborated the evidence of PC Yardley. The Bench said, that the prisoners having been in gaol six days, they should take that into consideration, but were determined to protect the police, and therefore committed prisoners for 7 days hard labour.


G C Smith, plumber and decorator

1962 vacant



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