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10 – 11 Green Street, The Highland Piper

History of 11 Green Street

A B Gray notes in Cambridge Revisited (1921) that:

Until the middle of the last century, on the site of the house at the right-hand entrance to Gifford Place, stood two old weather-beaten tenements numbered respectively 12 and 11, the latter a beer house called the Highland Piper, approached by brick steps leading down to its entrance door.



Mary A Sharp, 77, annuitant, b Cambridge


Henry Gee, 56, accountant, b Cambridge


James Halls, 37, labourer, b Coton


Green Street in 1910. On left is old entrance to Gifford Place.


(10) John P Gray, bookbinders by special appointment to the University Library

(11) B J Willers, lodging house keeper


(11) Frederick Dench

(11) Leonard Whitehead, hairdresser


(11) Open Air


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