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Trinity Place, King Street

Trinity Place, White Hart Yard, King Street

History of Trinity Place, King Street

1828 White Hart Yard

Holy Trinity built a work house. Dr Stokes wrote in Cambridge Parish Workhouses that there were stringent rules in place here:

The paupers were not allowed to be visited without written orders, but they were allowed for health’s sake, although only by medical written consent, to go for exercise on Christ’s College Pieces for an hour before noon, and from 5 til 6 pm. For some offence, one of the paupers was confined to the house and kept upon bread allowance.

1851 (White Hart Yard)

William Wyer, 30, chimney sweep

Elizabeth, 28, laundress, b Cambridge

Joseph, 26, brother, chimney sweep, b Ely

George, brother, 10, b Cambridge

In 1841 William, Elizabeth and daughter Maria, 2, had been living in Laxton Passage, Castle Street [location unknown].

1861 Trinity Place


Thomas Armstead, 61, gunsmith, b Cambridge


John Worseldine, 69, cabinet maker, b Lincs


William Wyer, 40, chimney sweep, b Lynn, Norfolk

Elizabeth, 38

Charles William, 9

Mary Ann, 7


Philip Butler, 31, chimney sweep, b Cambridge


Mary Golding, 60, formerly broker, b Suffolk


Sarah Clipsham, needlewoman,


Richard Sanderson, 68, carpenter, b Cambridge

(9) vacant


William Lewis, 47, general mechanic, b Cambridge

(11) vacant


John Austin Catchpole, 20, ornamental leather worker, b Cambridge


Peter Dunwell, 45, shoemaker, b Cambridge


John Marsh, 35, painter and glazier,

(15) vacant

(16) vacant


Jane Allen, 83, nurse,


Mary Odams, 47, needlewoman, b Godmanchester


William Page, 24, carpenter, b Cambridge


Mary Ann Albion, 68, shoebinder, b Cambridge


Sarah Spencer, 33, dressmaker, b Cambridge


Harriet Barker, 50, needlewoman, b Cambridge


Frederic Greenwood, 30, cordwainer, b Cambridge



William Wyer, 51, chimney sweep, b Lynn [not Spain]

Elizabeth, 48, b Cambridge

Charles, 19, chimney sweep, b Cambridge

Mary A, 17, servant, b Cambridge

John German, sweep, b Cambridge

See Fulbourn Lunatic Asylum for death of George Brewster, William ‘boy’, in 1875. William sentenced to 6 months hard labour for manslaughter.

In 1881 William is living at 3 Causeway Court. He seems to have remarried.


After rebuilding property used as the Trinity Infant School.

Thomas Freeman, porter and pew opener at Holy Trinity

George Dent, blacksmith

Driver, cabinet maker


  1. Arthur William Saunder, GER labourer
  2. Mrs E C Mann
  3. Mrs Smoothy
  4. Mrs Brand
  6. Charles Bennett, clerk & sexton Holy Trinity Parish
  7. Benjamin Cornwell, labourer
  8. John Mitchley, ostler
  9. S Loader, labourer
  10. Stephen Williams, labourer
  11. Rober Ludman, ostler
  12. William Taylor, labourer
  13. Robert Crane, labourer
  14. Benjamin Cornwell, junior
  15. C Waldick, corporation labourer
  16. Mrs Powell
  17. Harry Knights, milk carrier
  18. James Thurlow, hotel porter
  19. Benjamin Lander, labourer
  20. Ellis Johnson, bricklayer
  21. John Amiss, carpenter
  22. Mrs Knights

Trinity Place, King Street, 1937

1930s – 1950s:

HQ of 29th / 42nd Cambridge (Holy Trinity) Scout troop. Cambridge Scout archives refer to Trinity House, King Street.

Trinity Place c.1961 (MoC260/70)



12. Miss M Foulger

14. Mrs M Cooper

15. Mrs N Sparks

16. Joseph H Knights

17. Mrs E Carter

18. Mrs E Carter

19. Mrs Ludman

22. Arthur Amiss

23. Miss E E Knights


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