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2 - 3 Benet Place

2 – 3 Benet Place, Lensfield Road

History of 2 - 3 Benet Place

Royal Commission Survey of Cambridge 1959: early 19th century development.

In 1921 A B Gray noted that the railing of no.2 was embedded in an ash tree.


(2?) Eliza Hayward, 61, widow, landed proprietor, b Cambridge

Brooks Woodcock, 25, fund holder

Francesca M Hough, daughter, 30, b Cambridge

Lewis Hough, son in law, 32, MA Capt militia, b Middlesex

James Nelson, 48, MA Incumbent Halifax

Jane Nelson, 51, b Essex

Maria Speed, 40, cook, b Abington

Rebecca Dyer, servant, 31, housemaid, b Essex


Joseph Romilly, head, 69, clergyman without cure of souls, b London

George Thomas Romilly, 38, clerk war office, b Montreal Canada

Harriett Sandfield, 34, servant, b Cambridge

Caroline Howe, 31, servant, b Cambridge



Eliza Hayward, 71, landowner, b Cambridge

Brook W, 35, fund owner, b Cambridge

Maria Speach, 50, cook, b Abington

Rebecca Dyer, 41, housemaid, b Essex

Alice Scarr, 23, housemaid, b London

Sarah Pentecost, visitor, 53, servant out of place [looking for a position], b Cambridge


Ann Wado, 36, servant, b Cambs

Elizabeth Reeve, 46, servant, b Teversham



(2) James I Lang, 47, vicar of St Benedict’s, b East Indies

Edith M, 33, b Australia

Mary V H, 5, b Cambridge

Ruth V H, 2, b Cambridge

Edith G V Hemet, sister, 21, b Australia

Anne E Weeks, servant, 38, nurse, b Dorset

Annie M Spalding, 25, housemaid, b Burwell

Elizabeth Laston, 26, cook, b Middlesex

Thomasine Mattinson, 15, nursemaid, b Westmoreland

(3) Algernon W Outram, 37, secretary to the Leys School, b London

Jessie E, 23, b Islington

Harold W S, 3, b Cambridge

Beatrice E, 3 mos, b Cambridge

Emily Fenton, cousin, 59, living on her own means, b Middlesex

Frances E Edwards, visitor, 46, b London

Millicent Halsey, servant, 15, b Hunts

Mary E Cornwell, servant, 19, b Yorks

Kate Perry, 18, servant, b Cambridge



(2) Fanny Henrietta Hort, 74, widow, private means, b Yorks

Ellen Margaret, 48, b Gloucs

Mary Blee, cook housekeeper, 66, widow, b Herts

Martha Emmings, 29, temporary parlour maid, b Cambridge


(2) Mrs Hort

(3) Clifton Wilbraham Collins [1844-1918: writer on Classical topics]


(2) Addenbrookes Hospital Psychiatric Dept

(3) Addenbrookes Hospital Nurses Hostel


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