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13 & 14 Little St Mary's Lane

13 & 14 Little St Mary’s Lane

History of 13 - 14 Little St Mary's Lane

Royal Commission Survey of Cambridge 1959: probably of the same build [ as no.12]. It was separated into two tenements and a chimney stack inserted in the N wall of the W tenement in the 18th century or later; the stack contains older reused brick.


(13) Amy Frisby, 70, b Fulbourn

(14) Mary Richtuss, 73, laundress, b Huntingdon


(13) Samuel Cowles, museum assistant

Samuel Cowles features on pp.5-7 of T.C.Lethbridge (1957) Gog Magog – The Buried Gods.

(14) G H C Crisp, second-hand bookseller and dealer in old views

1962: not listed



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