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Manor Street, 1975 (MoC 1-4/342/75) backs of houses seen from King Street.

Manor Street

History of Manor Street


(1) Joseph Stead, 52, gardener, b Yorks

(2) Lydia Diver, 5, fundholder, b Ely

(3) Richard Papworth, 39, printer compositor, b Histon

(4) Robert Church, 42, methodist minister, b Norfolk

(5) Athaliah Payne, 60, proprietress of houses, b Barrington

Manor Street 1885 Street Plan


David Rutherford, 48, tailor, b Cambridge


‘Meeting friends’


William Todd, 32, upholsterer’s clerk, b Cambridge


George Conway, 22, college buttery clerk, b Cambridge


James Kidd, 34, builder employing 1 man and 1 boy,


Emma Morrell, 40, b Devon


Hannah Jarvis, 37, sempstree, b Cambridge


Elizabeth Relham, 58, nurse, b Suffolk


Lornz Hermann, 42, watch and clock maker, b Germany



1 Mrs Mary Goatcher, lodging house keeper

2 Herbert Wilsher

3 Miss Emily Carlton

4 Mrs Tootal

5 John Parkinson

6 Mrs Armstead

7 George Newman, cabinet maker


8 William Brown, painter

9 Miss Starling

10 Mrs Mary Ann Dellar

11 Mrs M A Burbage


11a George Gathercole, French polisher

12 Miss Fromont

13 Henry Charles Baldry, carver

14 Arthur M Hoppett, organist at All Saints church and yteacher of piano


(7) Herbert Walter Gathercole aged 21 was reported to have died 20.11.1918. probably from influenza.

Manor Street, 1970 (MoC 288AOB/70)

Manor Street, 1970 (MoC 288AOB/70)



1 Clifford Milner

2. Herbert Wilsher

3 Mrs E Prime

4 John Miller

5 Donald McRae


7 Norman Freeman


11a Dorothy Tarasewicz



Manor Street, 1975 (MoC 1-4/342/75) backs of houses seen from King Street.

The 1970 shows the backs of the Manor Street houses. All Saints Vicarage is off to the left. View is from King Street. Demolition of sheds and WCs in the garden is in progress.

All Saints vicarage (r) and backs of Manor Street houses (l) seen from Jesus Lane. The newly created gap will become the new Manor Street.

Manor Street, 21.3.1975, photographed from King Street end. Houses are shortly to be demolished and the street moved to the left. (MoC 3/342/75)



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