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Jordan’s Yard

History of Jordans Yard

1959 Royal Commission on Historical Monuments Survey of Cambridge: Nos. 1,2,3,4, and 4a Jordan’s Yard, forming a range of dwellings pf three stripes with cellars, with plastered timber-framed walls and tiled roofs, continue and are of the same build as Nos 15 and 16 bridge Street….. Generally the buildings contain a quantity of 16th and 17th cent.panelling, some in No.1 in situ, and plain 18th cent. fittings.

No.5 Jordan’s Yard…has plastered timber-framed walls and tiled roofs. The E part is of the 17th century; in the 18th cent. the W part was built between the foregoing and 4a Jordan’s Yard.

This was an alleyway, perpendicular to Bridge Street, between nos. 13 and 12.


There were 13 addresses there:

  1. William Burcher, warehouse and workshop
  2. Millington & Everitt, electrical engineers
  3. E H Rhodes, cycle stores
  4. Mrs E Williams
  5. Mrs Susan Frances Priest, The Hermitage
  6. Arthur J Austin
  7. William Gair
  8. Moses Marks, tailor
  9. Mrs H Barton, Frederick Barton
  10. Frederick W Aplin
  11. Henry Thomas Sharp
  12. Mrs S Betson

Holden’s Stables

13. Mrs Vail


  1. Peters
  2. Miss G Morley
  3. Miss I Williams
  4. James Madge
  5. William Buckle

6a. Timothy Meehan


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