Capturing Cambridge
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17 Market Hill

History of 17 Market Hill


George Purvis, 70, bootmaker

Isabella, 36, b London

Georgiana, 30,

Eliza Jeffries, 20, servant, b Milton


George Purvis, widower, 80, shoemaker employing 1 woman and 1 boy, b Scotland

Georgiana, 38, housekeeper, b London

Frank P Ransom, 17, grandson, b Cambridge

Charlotte L Key, 36, niece, b Surrey

Ellen Everson, 28, general servant, b Essex


see 18 Market Hill



16,17,18 Market Hill on the right of picture circa 1910


Eliza J Mason, 37, university lodging house keeper, b Cambs

Joyce Ethel Mary, 14, b Cambridge

Frank Gordon, 12, b Cambridge

Doris Francis, 10, b Cambridge

John Alwyne, 9, b Cambridge

Allen Douglas, 5, b Cambridge

Jane Elizabeth, 36, sister in law, b Burwell

Sarah Peachey, 64, aunt, b Cambs

Anne E Summerley, 21, servant, parlourmaid universitylodging house, b Cambridge

Elanora Mynott, 17, servant, housemaid university lodging house, b Suffolk

Anny Bertha Picken, 26, cousin, b Cambridge

Alice Getrude Marsh, 23, servant, cook, b Cambs

1/1/1909: A slight outbreak of fire occurred at 17 Market Hill, Cambridge, the ground floor of which is used as a shop by Messrs Bacon Bros tobacconist and the upper part by Mr Mason as a lodging house. Smoke was issuing from the floor of an upstairs sitting room. The flooring was pulled up and near the fireplace an old beam was found to be smouldering. Fireman Parsley, with the aid of a hand-pump, disposed of all danger. (Cam.Wk.News)


Star Tea Company

William Dockerill, manager

Mrs E Mason


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