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Milkmaid, 20 Market Hill, 1959 (Mike Petty Fenland History)

20 Market Hill

History of 20 Market Hill


Mary Ann Collins, 56, haberdasher,

Elizabeth, housekeeper

Mary Ann Eliza Johnson, assistant

Jane Bennett, servant, 20, b Newmarket


Mary A Collings, 67, dealer in fancy articles, b Sussex

Elizabeth, sister, 79, b Dublin

Mary A E Johnson, 41, assistant, b Cambridge

Sarah Adams, 20, servant, b Cambs


Harry George Weekly, 27, solicitor’s clerk, b Norwich

Helen M, 27, b Cambridge

Florence C, 5, b Chesterton

Emily Law, 25, servant, b Cambs

Georgiana Walker, apprentice, 16, b Bedford

Maria Crisp, boarder, 39, annuitant, b Malta


It is believed that 20 Market Hill was also the site for Milkmaid, the Milk Bar. In 1936 the Cambridge Daily News had reported:

The Cambridge Milk Bar opened on Market Hill where all the shakes and soups can be purchased at the standard price of four pence. You have only to visit it once to become an addict. The first milk bar opened in Fleet Street two years ago and they have spread rapidly attracting business men, workmen and shoppers. In cold weather what could be more sustaining that a bowl of soup made with milk while in summer a cold milk shake flavoured with fresh fruit syrups, made ‘crisp’ with cream and whipped is a creamy delight. 

There was a report about a new milk and cheese bar on Market Hill in April 1959. The photo shows the ‘Milkmaid’ new milk and cheese bar on Market Hill, Cambridge in April 1959 . It was open each weekday, 10am-6pm and offered creamy coffee, milk-shakes, ice cream and a large variety of English and Welsh cheese together with light nourishing meals. The Mayor came to open it. (Mike Petty Fenland History).


Weatherheads the Stationers


(20/21) W H Smith and Sons, newsagents




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