Capturing Cambridge
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John Edward Kynaston Studd

21 Market Hill

History of 21 Market Hill


Sarah H Emmerson, 67, lodging house keeper, b Cambridge

Henry J, 27, baker and confectioner, b Cambridge

Sarah, 34, baker and confectioner, b Cambridge

Alice, 26, baker’s assistant, b Cambridge

Tom Wilderspin, 47, journeyman baker, b Cambs

Jane Mills, 17, servant, b Cambs


Sarah H Emmerson, retired baker

Sarah, 44, baker

Harry, 35, baker

Alice, 33, baker’s assistant

Emily Raynes, 23, servant, b Foxton

Tom Burrows, 21, bakehouse servant, b London

John Edward Kynaston Studd, 22, undergrad. Trinity Coll, b Wilts




Susan Elizabeth Emmerson, 67, widow, baker & confectioner, b Chesterton

Harry Alfred, 37, b Cambridge

Sarah May, 31, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Savage, 40, servant, b Milton


S E Emmerson, baker and confectioner


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