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7-8 Market Street

History of 7 - 8 Market Street


(7) Thomas Wells, 33, watch and clock maker, b London

Elizabeth, 33, b Cheshire

Thomas William, 9, b Herts

Charles Walter, 7, b Herts

Maria Elizabeth, 5, b Cambridge

Celia Jane, 4, b Cambridge

Henry George, 1, b Cambridge

Anne Martha, 8 mos, b Cambridge

Maria Wells, sister, 13, b Barnett

Edwin A Darby, visitor, 32, M A Emmanuel College, b Yorks

Mary Ann Frowhock, 15, servant, b Cambridge

(8) George King, 31, tea dealer, b Bottisham

Francis, wife, 20, b Cambridge

William Brook, 18, shop man, b Suffolk

Elizabeth Chapman, 25, servant, b Coton



Thomas Wells, 42, jeweller


Frederic Smart, 25, hosier, b Cambridge



Robert W  Cole, 27, jeweller, b London


Frederick Smart, 35, hosier, b Cambridge

Sarah E, 23, b London

Ellen G, 2, b Cambridge

George, 7 mos, b Cambridge

Frederick Singer, 19, apprentice hosier, b Beds

Annie Okey, 24, servant, b Haslingfield

In 1876 Milly Chater, Josiah’s 15 year old daughter, began to work in the Smarts’ shop on Saturdays. She started at 10 in the morning and finished at 10.30 in the evening; she was paid two shillings but had her meals with the family.


(7) W Eaden Lilley, ladies outfitting

(8) Hillier & Co, seedsmen and florists


(7) Lilley W Eaden & Co, Ltd, ladies outfitters

(8) Hillier and Co, Florists



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