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Eaden Lilley (MoC40/160/69)

Eaden Lilley

Historical notes on Eaden Lilley

The origins of the business on this site are claimed to go back to 1695 when Joseph Purchas, a tailor,  had a shop there.

A short article about the history of the Eaden Lilley department store can be found here:

Eaden Lilley 1892

25/6/1909 There was an exciting scene in Cambridge Market Street when a lady screamed “I am on fire”. Her dress was blazing furiously and the combined effect of the screams and the flames on the crowded street can easily be imagined. Fortunately Mr A. Kester tore off the burning skirt with his hands and staff from Eaden Lilley rushed out of the shop with mats and rugs in which she was rolled until the flames were extinguished. It is presumed the dress, which was of flimsy material, was ignited by a match carelessly dropped by a passer-by. (Cam.News)

Joan Robertson worked at Eaden Lilley’s for much of her life. In 2016 she recalled starting her apprenticeship in 1942

Through her work she met her husband in 1948


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