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Scudamore's Boatyard Mill Lane (date unknown)(Cambridgeshire Collection)

17 (15) Mill Lane, Waggon and Horses

History of 17 Mill Lane


Elizabeth Scarr, 38

Eliza, 16

Phoebe, 14, dress maker

Charles, 7

Elizabeth, 1

Robert Dinson, 20, tailor

George Tilowlers, 48, labourer

William Johnson, 30, labourer

Samuel Lambeth, 25, labourer

John Garner, 24, labourer

John Winton, 50, labourer

John Murphy, 26, labourer

Michael Sulervan, 26, labourer

Robert Hemer, 20, labourer

1851 (15)

Joseph Scarr, 58, publican, b Gt Shelford


Charles, 17, stone mason, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 11,

Amelia, 8,

Harriet, 6,

John Pratt, lodger, 52, labourer, b Norfolk

Thomas Barker, lodger, 38, labourer, b Cambs

Susan Creek, 14, servant, b Norfolk

1861 no number

Elizabeth Scarr, widow, 57, publican, b Cambridge

Emilia, 18, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Harriet, 16, b Cambridge

Alfred Woods, boarder, ostler, 17, b Chesterton

Sarah Pearson, 14, servant of all work, b Horseheath

Williams Woods, lodger, 70, labourer, b Cambridge


David Minns, 68, formerly gardener, b Suffolk

Augustus, 15, grandson, labourer, b Chesterton

Lucy, 67, b Suffolk

Charles Stanbridge, lodger, 23, labourer, b Hertford


Hannah Mott, widow, 60, publican and cowkeeper, b Barrington

Ann, 26, b Cambridge

James, 24, cowkeeper, b Cambridge

Emily, 21, b Colchester

Tom, 17, cowkeeper, b Cambridge

Alice, 20, dressmaker, b Cambridge

William Henry, 14, errand boy, b Cambridge

1891 Waggon and Horses

Hannah Mott, widow, 70, publican

Caroline Mead, widow, 66, housekeeper, b Cambridge


(15) Mrs Webb, dressmaker

Mrs F M Holliday, nurse C.M.B.

(15a) J Scudamore, boat builder and punt proprietor

Scudamore’s were one of the early punt hirer. Punting became especially popular in 1907: Last year there was hardly a punt available, and before that such a thing was not known in Cambridge. Yet this summer every boatyard possess quite a flotilla of these comfortable craft, which were in great demand. (CDN 19.10.1907)



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