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16 Mill Lane (MoC 18/60)

16 (14) Mill Lane

History of 16 Mill Lane


William Green, 25, clerk

Elizabeth, 20

Edward, 2

1851 (14)

William Green, merchant’s clerk corn and coal



1861 (14)

William Green, 48, merchant’s clerk

Edward, 21, no occupation, b Cambridge

Elizabeth C, 5, b Cambridge

Emily A, 2, b Cambridge

Charlotte J Wootten, sister in law, 31, b Cambridge

Anne Stubbins, servant, 19, b Ickleton

1871 unnumbered

William Green, 58, merchant’s clerk, b Lincoln

Elizabeth, 49

16 Mill Lane, circa 1875 (MoC 19/60)

1881 (16)

William Green, 68, merchant clerk, b Lincoln

Elizabeth, 59, b Great Shelford

1891 (16)

Frederick S Storey, 37, bookseller and stationer, b Grantchester

Amy, 39, b Norfolk

Frederick E, 13, b Cambridge

Vigant J, 11, b Cambridge

Horace R, 7, b Cambridge

Thomas B, 6, b Cambridge

Olive A, 3, b Cambridge

John W Bush, visitor, 25, stonemason, b Norfolk

Emma M Bush, visitor, 25, b Norfolk

Lizzie Wilson, 15, servant, b Cambs


W G Pye, manufacturer of Scientific Instruments

The company had been previously operating out of William Pye’s garden.

During WWI Pye produced gun-sights, Aldis signalling lamps, aero-compasses and the Hartree Height-Finder.


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