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(4) Regent Street

History of 4 Regent Street


Henry John Hayles Bond, 49 Corpus College Physician, b Norfolk [1801-1883]

Mary, 46, b Norfolk

Louisa M, 15, b Cambridge

Frances J, 13, b Cambridge

Ellen M, 12, b Cambridge

Henry M, 11, b Cambridge

Sophia A, 10, b Cambridge

Althea J, 9, b Cambridge

Jessy M, 7, b Cambridge

Clara J, 5, b Cambridge

Frederica M, 3, b Cambridge

Martha Brickan, 29, housemaid, b Norfolk

Mary Threadwell, 32, cook, b Herts

Alice Lolly, 20, nursemaid, b Trumpington

Eliza Carbolt, 21, nursemaid, b Linton

In 1836 Henry Bond gave a series of lectures on materia medica and therapeutics. He was one of the first English doctors to make regular use of the stethoscope.

See 56 Trumpington Street for note

1861 unnumbered

Henry John Bond, 59, M D Regius Professor of Medicine

Mary, 56,

Louise Mary, 25,

Frances Julia, 23,

Ellen Maris,  22,

Althea Jane, 19,

Clare Isabella, 15, b Cambridge

Frederica Mary, 13, b Cambridge

Charles Hughes, 23, footman, b Ashley

Charlotte Cole, 22, cook, b Coates

Susan Longshaw, 21, housemaid, b Oakington

1871 (4)

Henry J H Bond, physician


Ellen M


Jessy M

Sarah Willis, housemaid, 29, b Stapleford

Susan Jane Morley, 20, housemaid, b Cambridge

Ebenezer Robinson, 20, footman, b Cambridge

1881 (4)

Henry J H Bond, 79, M D of University of Cambridge retired

Mary, 76

Frances, 43

Ellen, 42,

Jessy M, 37,

Clara, 35,

Frederica M, 33,

Amy Pereira, visitor, 39, annuitant, b East Indies

Eliza Pawley, 23, cook, b Grantchester

Minnie Hutt, 18, housemaid, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Layton, 16, housemaid, b Kent

Mary Ann Bull, 15, sewing maid, b Suffolk

Enoch Smith, 15, footman, b Cambridge

1891 (4)

Frances J Bond

1901 (4)

Robert D Roberts




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