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Glengarry, Regent Street (MoC299.72)

41 (73) Regent Street, Glengarry Hotel, Regent Hotel, Regent House Hotel

History of 41 Regent Street

Royal Commission Survey of Cambridge 1959: no. 41 …. was built c. 1830. … It was the first home, from 1871 to 1875, of the Society that later became Newnham College



1861: (73 number omitted)

Sarah Archer, 66, living independent

Martha Bryant, 38, servant,



Premises of Newnham College.

Newnham: an informal biography records: The house finally found (for the establishment of the college) was no.74 [?] Regent Street. The opening of this house by Mis Clough in the autumn of 1871 to receive five students is the date which Newnham counts as its first birthday. 

The five who arrived with their modest luggage, hid high beating hearts under their befrilled and many buttoned garments. they were, and felt, brave. Their mood was serious, uplifted, even a trifle defiant.

As for the house, even the most romantic backward vision, does not, if one can judge from the impressions of those who were there, find 74 Regent Street in itself attractive. It was dark, mean-looking and drab; facing straight on to a noisy street. Nothing there to please the eye, save a solitary acacia tree.

(See Alice Gardner: A Short History of Newnham College)


1901: (73)

not in occupation


1913: (41)

Bird Bolt Family and Commercial Temperance Hotel (established 1630)

J W Hall, proprietor



Glengarry Hotel


The Glengarry, Regent Street (MoC299.72)


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