Capturing Cambridge
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42 – 46 (13)Regent Street

History of 42 Regent Street


David Warley, 27, upholsterer, b Norfolk

Mary Ann, 24, b Hunts







1901: (13)

Charles J Howes, 42, cycle manufacturer, b Cambridge

Mary E, 41, b Cambridge

Ethel M, 17, b Cambridge

Charles C, 15, b Cambridge

Winifred J, 13, b Cambridge

Sidney R, 10, b Cambridge

Eric K, 6, b Cambridge



(42) John Howes and Sons, cycle manufacturers

(46) Charles J Howes


4/11/1930: In a quiet street in Cambridge, a very charming old lady celebrates her 100th birthday. She is Mrs Howes, widow of the late John Howes head of the bicycle firm in Regent Street. She comes of a long- lived family. She was born in Coronation Street. Her father, John Galley, a reader at the Pitt Press, lived to the age of 86 and her mother to 80. She has still living four sons and three daughters, 23 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Her memory is still good and she has vivid memories of her girlhood. She was present at the dinner on Parker’s Piece to celebrate Queen Victoria’s coronation, when her father was one of the carvers. (Cambridge Press)



(42) J Sanders, seed merchants

(42) City of Cambridge Liberal Association

(44) John Howes, cycle dealers

(46) Kwick Cleaners


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