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3 Bridge Street, Crown Inn, Hoop Inn

History of 3 Bridge Street


Crown Inn


Pevsner notes, nos 3-4 (altered, formerly part of the Hoop Inn, are of 1729. Heads in the keystones of the upper floor.

1798 Map of Cambridge showing Hoop Inn

When the railway was built in Cambridge, John Starkey, owner of the Hoop Inn, licensed refreshment rooms at the station. (Barraclough 2018)

1959 Royal Commission on Historical Monuments Survey of Cambridge: built in 1729 and towards the middle of the 19th cent. the first floor rooms were panelled.


Josiah Chater notes that his 8th Cambridgeshire Rifle Corps met at the Hoop Inn on 14th January:

We sat down to supper at half past 8; had hot and cold meats, pies and pastry and everything proper, with ale and waiters included for 2/6d each. It was a very jolly affair, uncommonly well served. After the captain was gone, I took the chair for about half an hour, then left. I only saw one man a little the worse for the punch, 19 bowls of which the officers put upon the table.



A Colin Lunn, tobacconist and cigar maker

John Charles, compositor

3a: Banham & Benton, tailors & robe and breeches makers


(3a) Fatstock Marketing Corporation Ltd


3 & 3a Bridge Street

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Fired Earth plc
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