Capturing Cambridge
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University Arms Hotel

University Arms Hotel, Regent Street

History of University Arms Hotel

According to Outside the Barnwell Gate, (Stokes, 1915) according to an 1808 map of Cambridge, there was a veterinary surgery occupying part of this site

Parker’s Piece from Regent Street, corner of University Arms Hotel

1839: John Barefoot (Robson’s directory)

1851: Mary Hewitt (Gardner’s)

1852: Marianne Hewitt (Slaters)



Mari Anne Hewitt, inn keeper, 45, b Norfolk
Susan Hewitt, sister, housekeeper, 4, b Norfolk
Rebecca Hewitt, sister, barmaid, 32, b Norfolk
Frederick Bushby, boarder, fund holder, 63, b Yorkshire
Mary Ann Bower, housemaid, 39, b Norfolk
Emily Mann,  kitchenmaid, 20, b Norfolk
Caroline Copeman, chambermaid, 19, b Norfolk


1867: Miss Hewitt (Mathieson’s )



Susan Hewitt, inn keeper, 60
Rebecca Hewitt, cook, 44
Ellen Hewitt, sister, book keeper, 52, b Norfolk
Frederic E Burkley, lodger, annuitant, 70 ,b Yorkshire
Sarah A Furrey, chambermaid, 24, b Norfolk
Mary A Norman, kitchen maid, 32, b Cottenham
Mariann Batterby, housemaid, 24, b Norfolk
Garwood B Palmer, lodger, merchant, 56, b Great Yarmouth
Bettsey Palmer, lodger, merchants wife, 53,  b Great Yarmouth
Drummond Grant, lodger, merchant, 57, b Stirling
Mary D Grant, lodger, merchants wife, 48,  b Ireland

1879: Miss Rebecca Hewitt (Post Office Directory)



Rebecca Hewitt, innkeeper
Ellen Hewitt, sister, annuitant, 44, b  Norfolk
Ellen Orridge, niece, 22, b Suffolk
Frederick E Bushby, boarder, 80, b York
Eliza Haylock, domestic servant, 35, b Sawston
Eleanor Davidson, chambermaid, 15, b Hunstanton
William Bailey, waiter (Inn Servant), 16, b Chesterton


1888: Miss Rebecca Hewitt (Kellys Directory)


University Arms Hotel


Marcus Bradford, widower, 35, hotel proprietor, b Cambridge

Alfred R, 6, b Cambridge

Dorothy E, 5, b Cambridge

John O Mackenzie, visitor, 90, W S Edinburgh, b Edinburgh

Joanna Mackenzie, visitor, 57, b Glasgow

Jeanie Anderson, visitor, widow, ladies maid, 30, b Falkirk

Julie M Ward, 36, b Kent

Walter J Coward, 62, HM Inspector of schools, b Jamaica

Joan Pietsch, 22, waiter, b Germany

Sarah A Pearson, 39, housemaid, b Linton

Kate Montrose, 28, housemaid, b Perthshire

Elizabeth S Norden, 21, housemaid, b Hants

Louisa Heffer, 29, housemaid, b Cambridge

Janet M Bilton, 23, housemaid, b Bottisham

Florence A Haggins, 26, bookkeeper, b Cumberland

Violet M Smith, 24, governess, b Surrey

Annie Camden, 29, assistant housekeeper, b Norfolk

Mary A Hellings, 45, housekeeper, b Wales



University Arms Hotel, Marcus D Bradford proprietor

Around this time the architect George Banyard was involved in design of part of the hotel. Mackays of East Road supplied much of the ironmongery and steelwork. The balconies on the hotel were designed by Isabella Mackay, artist, engraver and miniaturist. She lived at 143 Cherry Hinton Road until 1976.


7/3/1935: Police guarded the closed gates of the University Arms Hotel while Sir Oswald Mosley was at a dinner organised by the University Fascist Society. Outside a meeting organised by the University Socialist Society was held on Parker’s Piece with speeches by John Comford, Maurice Comford and Maurice Dobb. Then a torchlight procession by 200 undergraduates shouting anti-Fascist slogans such as ‘We want Mosley dead or alive’ and singing ‘The Internationale’ marched to Peas Hill where more speeches were made before a Proctor arrived and they dispersed. (Cam.News)



University Arms Hotel, M N & J Bradford managing director



Sketching Cambridge by Michael Large


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