Capturing Cambridge
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University Arms Hotel

University Arms Hotel, Regent Street

History of University Arms Hotel

Parker’s Piece from Regent Street, corner of University Arms Hotel

1839: John Barefoot (Robson’s directory)

1851: Mary Hewitt (Gardner’s)

1852: Marianne Hewitt (Slaters)


Mari Anne Hewitt, inn keeper, 45, b Norfolk
Susan Hewitt, sister, housekeeper, 4, b Norfolk
Rebecca Hewitt, sister, barmaid, 32, b Norfolk
Frederick Bushby, boarder, fund holder, 63, b Yorkshire
Mary Ann Bower, housemaid, 39, b Norfolk
Emily Mann,  kitchenmaid, 20, b Norfolk
Caroline Copeman, chambermaid, 19, b Norfolk

1867: Miss Hewitt (Mathieson’s )


Susan Hewitt, inn keeper, 60
Rebecca Hewitt, cook, 44
Ellen Hewitt, sister, book keeper, 52, b Norfolk
Frederic E Burkley, lodger, annuitant, 70 ,b Yorkshire
Sarah A Furrey, chambermaid, 24, b Norfolk
Mary A Norman, kitchen maid, 32, b Cottenham
Mariann Batterby, housemaid, 24, b Norfolk
Garwood B Palmer, lodger, merchant, 56, b Great Yarmouth
Bettsey Palmer, lodger, merchants wife, 53,  b Great Yarmouth
Drummond Grant, lodger, merchant, 57, b Stirling
Mary D Grant, lodger, merchants wife, 48,  b Ireland

1879: Miss Rebecca Hewitt (Post Office Directory)


Rebecca Hewitt, innkeeper
Ellen Hewitt, sister, annuitant, 44, b  Norfolk
Ellen Orridge, niece, 22, b Suffolk
Frederick E Bushby, boarder, 80, b York
Eliza Haylock, domestic servant, 35, b Sawston
Eleanor Davidson, chambermaid, 15, b Hunstanton
William Bailey, waiter (Inn Servant), 16, b Chesterton

1888: Miss Rebecca Hewitt (Kellys Directory)


University Arms Hotel, Marcus D Bradford proprietor

7/3/1935: Police guarded the closed gates of the University Arms Hotel while Sir Oswald Mosley was at a dinner organised by the University Fascist Society. Outside a meeting organised by the University Socialist Society was held on Parker’s Piece with speeches by John Comford, Maurice Comford and Maurice Dobb. Then a torchlight procession by 200 undergraduates shouting anti-Fascist slogans such as ‘We want Mosley dead or alive’ and singing ‘The Internationale’ marched to Peas Hill where more speeches were made before a Proctor arrived and they dispersed. (Cam.News)


University Arms Hotel, M N & J Bradford managing director


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