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25 Petty Cury

History of 25 Petty Cury

25 Petty Cury (MoC245/72)


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Thomas Powter, 25, draper

Richard Blunsan, 25, servant

William Day, 20, servant

John Gardener, 25, servant

Ann Legge, 20, assistant

Harriet Lee, 20, servant

James Robinson, 13, apprentice

Samuel Sharpe, 20, servant


Thomas Powter, 34, linen draper, b Herts

Emily, 30, b Cambridge

Nathaniel B, 8, b Cambridge

Thomas H, 7, b Cambridge

Emily M, 5, b Cambridge

Sarah H E, 3, b Cambridge

Robert H, 9 mos, b Cambridge

Anne Marie Holden, 19, servant governess, b Somerset

Emma E McFarlane, 23, servant draper’s assistant, b London

Edward Ladd, servant draper’s assistant, 28, b Kent

William R Hagren, servant draper’s assistant, 21, b Suffolk

John Bridgefoot,  servant draper’s apprentice, 19, b Hunts

Alfred Harrison, servant draper’s apprentice, 16, b Cambridge

Eliza McGuire, servant, 28, b Cambridge

Sarah Kidman, servant, 19, b Cherry Hinton

George Titchmarsh, servant draper’s apprentice, 17, b Wimpole

Harriet Halwood, servant, 19, b Harston


Sidney Ballard, 23, draper, b Warwicks

Alfred G Rumbelow, 22, draper’s assistant, b Suffolk

George Smith, 25, draper’s assistant, b Hants

Harris H Herring, 15, draper’s assistant, b Wilbraham

Francis Balls, 15, draper’s assistant, b Newmarket

Emily E Balls, 21, draper’s assistant, b Suffolk

Therese Davis, 19, draper’s assistant, b London

Sarah Mutton, 22, draper’s assistant, b Cambridge

Martha A Upton, 16, draper’s assistant, b Bedford

Elizabeth Stallay, 20, house servant, b Wales


G W Hugh Fountain, 30, clothier, b March

Sarah, 30, b March

Edmund, assistant, 22, b March

Thomas Woollard, 60, mason, b Cambridge

1881 Ready made clothes outfitters shop locked at night

1891 uninhabited

1901 uninhabited


Gamlen and Son, tailors and outfitters


J Hepworth Ltd, tailors

The Eros Cafe Ltd

25 Petty Cury c1960s

24 – 26 Petty Cury, 1960s

Petty Cury, Eros Cafe (MoC154/72)


The Perfume Shop


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