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12-19 St Andrew's Street

12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, Victoria House, St Andrew’s Street

History of 12-17 St Andrew's Street

The Grand Arcaded archaeological excavation identified several historic plots along this frontage:

No. 12 (Plot VIII)

No. 13 (Plot IX)

Nos. 14/15 (Plot IX)

Nos. 16/17 (Plot X)

Nos. 18/19 (Plot XI)

No. 20 (Plot XI)

Commentary in the report (2019) states that in the early eighteenth century the frontage of Plot X was subdivided into five separate messuages, which subsequently underwent a series of development. In the northern part a school may have been built. In the southern part developments were carried out probably at the hands of Francis Tunwell, the Christ’s College cook and later merchant who leased Plot X in 1769. Tunwell was mayor of Cambridge in 1768, 1777 and 1782 and then declared bankrupt by 1784. Tunwell also leased Plot IX.

At some point in the C18th the southern messuage of Plot X stopped being the the Chequer Inn.

There are plans of Plot IX (nos 13 – 15) held by Jesus College dated 1792.

1840 Robert Sayle opens his shop at 12 St Andrew’s Street. Victoria House was leased from Emmanuel College. For detailed history of the plot and the business see Grand Arcade report (2019) p.309.

1841 unnumbered

Robert Sayle, 24, draper

May, 25,

Barbara Kelly, 35, draper assistant

Thomas Stroud, 35, draper assistant

Thomas Man, 22, draper assistant

John Cole, 25, draper assistant

Charles Hawley, 21, draper assistant

William Whilby, 15, draper assistant

Rebecca Smith, 16, servant

Mary Trum, 20, servant

John Sayle, 45, farmer

Susan Sayle, 47


(12?) unnumbered

James Miller, 45, plumber glazier, b Suffolk

Caroline, 38, b Cambs

Caroline, 9, b Cambridge

William, 7, Cambridge

James, 5, b Cambridge

Louisa, 3, b Cambridge

George, 1, b Cambridge

Rachel, 17, servant, b Reach

Tanfield George Headley, lodger, 26, solicitor, b Cambridge

Alfred Chalker, lodger, 22, BA, b Devon

George Wallis Hall, lodger, 19, undergraduate Trinity, b Lincs

George S Nottage, 19, student Caius, b Essex



Robert Sayle, 34, linendraper



Jackson Pettitt, 29, clerk, b Suffolk

William H Horsepool, 22, drapers assistant, b Notts

James Freeman, 21, drapers assistant, b Ely

Anne Tracy, 19, drapers assistant, b Essex

Sara A Pastler, 24, drapers assistant, b Kent

Mary Anne, 27, drapers assistant, b Beds

Anne Pratton, 36, drapers assistant, b Somerset

Elizabeth Sampson, 45, drapers assistant, b Suffolk

William Buchman, 30, drapers assistant, b Herts

John Hillyard, 25, drapers assistant, b Norfolk

James Anderson, 26, drapers assistant, b Suffolk

William Slerry, 20, drapers assistant, b Suffolk

Lewis R Saunders, 24, drapers assistant, b Bristol

Thomas F Barlow, 22, drapers assistant, b Kent

Frederick A Lord, 28, drapers assistant, b Gloucs

Henry C Whitty, 22, drapers assistant, b Norfolk

John A Wright, 24, drapers assistant, b Norfolk

Joseph Pudrey, 26, drapers assistant, b Essex

Gaines R Darley, drapers assistant, b Dorset

Thomas Middleston, apprentice draper, b Hunts

James Barley, 19, apprentice draper, b Norfolk

Henry Peacock, 14, apprentice draper, b Littleport

Henry Dawkins, 24, drapers porter, b Cambridge

William Radford, 18, servant, b Brinkley

Sarah Carter, 28, servant, b Norfolk

Sarah Holman, 18, servant, b Norfolk

Mary Stafford, 28, servant,  b Lincs

Elizabeth Illsden, 24, servant, b Cambridge

John Palmer, 25, assistant draper, b Somerset



George Preston, 22, bookseller and stationer, b Cambridge

Harriett, sister, 32, b Cambridge

George D Bryant, visitor, 41, cattle dealer, b Stilton

Susan Cornwell, 17, maidservant, b Cherry Hinton

Alfred Curwain, 17, errand boy,  b Cambridge


Marice Deane, 29, chemist and druggist, b Essex

Sarah A, 28, b Essex

Marice B, 4, b Cambridge

Charles Deane, 17, b Cambridge

Harriett Potter, 15, house servant, b Linton

(12 – 14)

Robert Sayle, 45, draper, b Norfolk

Priscilla, 36, b Bucks

Charlotte M, 10, b Cambridge

Arthur W, 8, b Cambridge

Robert H, 6, b Cambridge

Caroline M, 5, b Cambridge

Frances A, 4, b Cambridge

George M, 2, b Cambridge

Martin W, 9m, b Cambridge

Mary A Gayle, 22, b Bucks

Mary Ekins, housekeeper, 33, b Berks

Emma Wright, 26, cook, b Suffolk

Martha Pooley, 22, parlour maid, b Norfolk

Eliza Belch, 20, housemaid, b Suffolk

Sarah Peacock, 18, kitchenmaid, b Norfolk

Eliza KIng, 18, housemaid, b Norfolk

Emily Carter, 24, nursemaid, b Norfolk

Robert Emmerson, 15, footman, b Norfolk

Robert Gunn, 18, porter, b Willingham

Amelia Dibley, 23, drapery assistant, b Sussex

Laura Chandler, 24, drapery assistant, b Wilts

Elizabeth W Dwelley, 20, draper assistant, b Plymouth

Sophia Dawe, 25, drapery assistant, b Monmouth

Eliza H Kate, 27, mantle trimmer, b Gloucs

Mary J Lovering, 37, drapery assistant, b Devon

Maria H Norton, 26, milliner, b London

Bessie Porter, 20, drapery assistant, b Norfolk

Marion Muskett, 20, drapery assistant, b Norfolk

Emma Price, 21, drapery assistant, b Devon

Mary E Rice, 19, drapery assistant, b Middlesex

Robert Addymen, 16, drapery apprentice, b Yorks

Alfred Jermyn, 15, drapery apprentice, b Norfolk

Charles Careban, 18, drapery apprentice, b Norfolk

Robert Liddelaw, 15, drapery apprentice, b Norfolk

Abraham S Welham, 19, drapery apprentice, b Suffolk

Joseph Clarke, 19, assistant draper, b Isleham

William Darlington, 24, clerk draper, b Shrops

William Wetherill, 22, clerk draper, b Yorks

Ebenezer Brown, 30, assistant draper, b Suffolk

Josiah Brown, 22, assistant draper, b Norfolk

Frederic W Browne, 19, assistant draper, b Lincs

Charles Carfe, 21, assistant draper, b Middlesex

Challis S Claston, 21, assistant draper, b Newmarket

Odling P Dawse, 21, assistant draper, b Middlesex

Samuel J Pall, 21, assistant draper, b Norfolk

Thomas Jones, 25, assistant draper,  b Hereford

John Mann, 23, assistant draper, b Essex

Henry Quiner, 23, assistant draper, b Sussex

James B Newton, 25, assistant draper, b Lincs

Robert Lack, 25, assistant draper, b Herts

Joseph Searle, 24, assistant draper, b Surrey

Henry Dawkins, 35, assistant draper, b Cambridge



James H Morl, 49, hair dresser, b Norfolk

Eliza S, 46, ladies hairdresser, b Cambridge

James B, 15, clerk and volunteer, b Cambridge

Lizzie M, 12, b Cambridge

Florence S, 10, b Cambridge

Herbert E, 7, b Cambridge

Bessie A, 3, b Cambridge

Ernest W, 1, b Cambridge


John Pink, 36, librarian, b Cambridge

Elinor A, 38, fancy shop keeper, b Surrey

John S, 14, librarian’s assistant,  b Cambridge

Emily M, 13, b Cambridge

Edward A, 11, b Cambridge

Ellen M, 10, b Cambridge

Oliver G, 8, b Cambridge

William, 6, b Cambridge

Flora A, 4, b Cambridge

Frank, 2, b Cambridge

Charles H, 1, b Cambridge


William Henry Lee, 30, drapers clerk and house manager, b Wisbech

Alice H Lee, 32, b Yorks

Henry C, 2, b Cambridge

Marianne, 7 mos, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Clark, 17, nursery maid, b Hunts

Mary Cullum, 22, housemaid, b Norfolk

Elizabeth Fisk, 31, cook, b Suffolk

Maria Green, 19, kitchenmaid, b Norfolk

Fanny Gauge, 19, housemaid, b Bourn

Elizabeth Cockrell, 36, housemaid, b Norfolk

Mary Shakeshaft, 19, assistant draper, b Bucks

Mehetable Kent, 26, assistant draper, b Cornwall

Josephine Lourtie, 22, assistant draper, b Belgium

Henrietta Russell, 26, assistant draper, b Wales

Kate James, 29, assistant draper, b Ireland

Esther Newell, 27, assistant draper, b Berks

Caroline Cockram, 33, assistant draper, b Devon

Emma Johnson, 21, assistant draper, b London

Mary E Nicholls, 27, assistant draper, b Devon

Kate W Blandford, 22, assistant draper, b Dorset

Lucy A Stevens, 26, assistant draper, b Dorset

Hannah M Brook, 33, assistant draper, b Norfolk

Emily Utting, 32, assistant draper, b Norfolk

Rhoda Bowen, 22, assistant draper, b Wales

Mary E White, 31, assistant draper, b Warwicks

Caroline C Wills, 20, assistant draper, b Devon

Martha O Crisp, 24, assistant draper, b Suffolk

Amelia Harvey, 38, assistant draper, b Gloucs

Hannah Snow, 24, assistant draper, b Kent

Kate Floyd, 23, assistant draper, b Cornwall

Helen Dixon, 28, assistant draper, b London

Isabella Tiley, 22, assistant draper, b Somerset

Hannah Radmore, 27, assistant draper, b Wales

Margareta Robert, 22, assistant draper, b Cornwall

Richard H Baker, 21, assistant draper, b Kent

Stephen H Sharman, 30, commercial traveller drapery, b Essex

Richard Pearce, 23, assistant draper, b Somerset

Thomas Park, 23, assistant draper, b Cumberland

Samuel W Locker, 24, assistant draper, b Wilts

Charles Eastment, 22, drapers clerk, b Fulham

Edward D Greenbury, 16, apprentice draper, b London

Thomas R Hubbard, 18, apprentice draper, b Leics

Fred Burford, 17, apprentice draper, b Essex

John C Saunders, 16, apprentice draper, b Bucks

William H Caley, 15, apprentice draper, b Norfolk

Edward A Thornton, 23, assistant draper, b Yorks

John N Walters, 26, assistant draper, b London

Alfred Garnham, 21, assistant draper,  b Suffolk

William H Tucker, 20, assistant draper,  b Gloucs

Alfred H Chaston, 25, assistant draper,  b Suffolk

Walter Holder, 33, assistant draper,  b Somerset

John B Northy, 20, assistant draper,  b Cornwall

John S Ward, 21, assistant draper, b Devon

William H Smith, 20, assistant draper, b Ireland

George Whittleton, 24, assistant draper, b Norfolk

George Wilby, 22, assistant draper, b Norfolk

George H Jones, 30, assistant draper, b Herts

Albert C Tugwell, 22, assistant draper, b Sussex

Ernest W Julyan, 18, assistant draper, b Middlesex

Philip Phillips, 22, assistant draper, b Essex

Harry Cassey, 19, assistant draper, b Wilts

Robert C Mutton, 23, assistant draper, b Norfolk

Robertson Rolfe, 21, assistant draper, b Suffolk

Frank Stanbury, 24, assistant draper, b Devon

George Sharp, 25, assistant draper, b Devon

Edward Harvey, 24, assistant draper, b Middlesex

James Black, 20, assistant draper, b London

1881 (12-18)

(unnumbered) Emmanuel College Lodge

Jane Wisbey, 40, cook, b Harston

Clara Thurlbourn, 31, house maid, b Cherry Hinton

Alice J Carter, 17, kitchen maid, b Fulbourn

(Sayles Yard)

John Humphrey, 26, groom, b Essex

Eliza, 28, b Cambridge

Alice S, 10ms, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Bull, 40, visitor, b London

Harriett Sheldrick, 23, b Derbys

Harry Green, 15, page boy, b London


Selina B Parker, 17, assistant draper, b Norfolk

Minnie Greenaugh, 23, assistant draper, b Northants

Ellen A Wigg, 28, assistant draper, b Norfolk

Katherine Rawles, 26, assistant draper, b Gloucs

Bessie L Elliott, 27, assistant draper, b Bucks

Elizabeth Palmer, 30, assistant draper, b Norfolk

Lucy Dawson, 19, assistant draper, b Lincs

Albert M Hamblin, 17, assistant draper, b Norwich

Ellen F Fairbank, 23, b Kennington

Letitia Winter, 24, dressmaker, b London

Emily Fountain, 21, dressmaker assistant, b London

Frances M Blake, 27, dressmaker assistant, b Norwich

Martha Procta, 24, dressmaker assistant, b Lancs

Sarah Philip, 27, dressmaker assistant, b Cornwall

Arrabelle M Balfour, 21, dressmaker assistant, b Ireland

Agnes Hopewell, 24, dressmaker assistant, b Notts

Emily Olliver, 38, dressmaker assistant, b Sussex

Mary A Reed, 24, dressmaker assistant, b Isle of Wight

Eleanor Pool, 25, dressmaker assistant, b London

Lulie Wheeler, 22, dressmaker assistant, b Hants

Martha A Long, 25, dressmaker assistant, b Oxon

Florence A Robinson, 18, dressmaker assistant, b London

Elizabeth J Hall, 23, dressmaker assistant, b London

Charles W R Gamham, 21, shopman draper, b Chelsea

Frederick W Savage, 19, shopman draper, b Norfolk

Bernhard A Eichem, 24, shopman draper, b London

Harry B Rogers, 25, shopman draper, b Kent

Herman F Fawcett, 27, shopman draper, b London

Frederick E Wicks, 23, shopman draper, b Essex

Frederick W Pears, 21, shopman draper, b Kent

Robert E Watson, 24, shopman draper, b London

George H Lavender, 20, shopman draper, b Chesterton

Frederick Whitefield, 16, shopman draper, b Birmingham

Ernest S Barton, 23, shopman draper, b Devon

William P Stringer, 27, commercial clerk, b London

Edward J Kave, commercial clerk, b London

Ellenor Howe, 22, assistant draper, b Leicester

Catherine Mill, 30, assistant draper, b Cornwall

Clara Merritt, 20, assistant draper, b Gloucs

Louisa C Pearson, 24, assistant draper, b Cheshire

Kate M Collins, 20, dressmaker, b Wilts

Emily Parry, 28, dressmaker, b Manchester

Frederick Dawson, 20, shopman draper, b Kent

Annie Anning, 23, assistant draper, b Somerset

John Wright, 25, head shopman draper, b Benwick

Louisa Nottage, 51, housekeeper, b Herts

William A Gardner, 28, shopman draper, b Essex

Eliza Brown, 22, servant, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Scott, 28, dressmaker, b London

George Wilby, 30, commercial traveller, b Norfolk

Charlotte Johnson, 24, cook, b Norfolk

John Watkinson, 28, draper shopman, b Notts

Sarah Eagle,  20, servant, b Norfolk

Mary E Collins, 22, servant, b Chesterton

William R Gaudie, 24, shopman, b Middlesex

Charles A Elliott, 21, shopman, b Beds

Alice Barton, 21, servant, b Cambridge

Thomas Dennes, 22, shopman, b Lowestoft

George W Sayle, 25, commercial clerk, b Norfolk

Robert Smith, 22, commercial clerk, b Manchester

Edward D Greenberry, 26, commercial clerk, b London

Charles Coleman, 25, draper shopman, b Hants

1883 death of Robert Sayle

1884 ownership transferred to Robert Sayle and Co with three individual partners.

1891 (12-18)

Robert Mutten, superintendent of house, 43, drapers buyer and superintendent

Louisa Mutten

David Collie, 31, drapers salesman, b Scotland

Oswin F Ayers, 24, carpet salesman, b Berkshire

Frederic C Roots, 18, woollen salesman, b Lincs

Charlie R Thompson, 20, drapers salesman, b Lincs

Arthur Benton, 19, drapers salesman, b Lincs

Henry Hardcastle, 19, drapers salesman, b London

Peter A Findlay, 26, drapers clerk, b Scotland

Edward C Staples, 20, drapers clerk,  b Birmingham

William L Bragg, 19, drapers clerk, b Balsham

Edward L Bell, 24, drapers salesman, b Cumberland

Frederic M Barkway, 27, drapers saleman, b Suffolk

William H Saltmarsh, 21, drapers assistant, b Oxon

Thomas S Mills, 22, drapers assistant, b London

Frederick W Bocock, 19, drapers salesman, b Suffolk

Arthur J Smith, 22, drapers salesman, b Surrey

Robert H Whittaker, 24, drapers salesman, b Norfolk

William E Thirkettle, 19, drapers salesman, b Norfolk

Harold C Doo, 20, drapers salesman, b Cambridge

Robert Norton, 18, apprentice drapers salesman, b Berks

Percy H West, 16, apprentice drapers salesman, b Norfolk

John H Lister, 18, apprentice drapers salesman, b Upend

Reginald Tebbit, 16, apprentice drapers salesman, b Comberton

Frederick N Hayes, 24, drapers salesman, b Worcs

Ernest R Clark, 19, drapers salesman, b Cambridge

Laura M Smith, 23, mantle cutter, b Hants

Julia Giddins, 27, dressmaker, b Hunts

Alice G Curson, 30, draper saleswoman, b Warwick

Lilian F Davies, 21, draper saleswoman, b Gloucs

Clara E Dann, 24, draper saleswoman, b Wisbech

Eliza Newton, 33, drapers saleswoman, b Lincs

Ellen Oliver, 21, drapers saleswoman, b Essex

Eliza A Taylor, 19, drapers saleswoman, b Littleport

Albina M Hayman, 48, drapers saleswoman, b Devon

Alice J Blunderfield, 23, drapers saleswoman, b Norfolk

May E Blunderfield, 18, apprentice saleswoman, b Norfolk

Elma G Gellar, drapers saleswoman, b Essex

Caroline A W Howe, 16, drapers apprentice, b Northants

Annie B Claribert, 30, drapers saleswoman, b Kent

Florence Harries, 21, drapers saleswoman, b Lancs

Maud Tomlinson, 24, drapers saleswoman, b Hull

Nina McQuire, 31, drapers saleswoman, b Hunts

Edith M Hunter, 20, drapers saleswoman, b Sussex

Eliza Gibbons, 37, dressmaker, b London

Mary E Grimes, 31, dressmaker, b Oxon

Ethel St Andrews, 18, drapers apprentice, b Norfolk

Mary M Hipkins, milliner, 43, practical milliner, b London

Alice Rutter, 18, saleswoman, b Cambridge

Mary E Collins, 30, practical milliner, b Essex

Edith Boyce, 23, saleswoman, b Isleham

Louisa M Thatcher, 39, saleswoman, b Berks

Harriet Frohock, 35, housemaid, b Waterbeach

Annie Newton, 27, cook, b Kent

Martha E Pinder, 22, housemaid, b Chesterton

Ellen Coe, 19, housemaid, b Cherry Hinton

Elizabeth Gray, 17, housemaid, b Steeple Morden

Ada Coe, 17, housemaid, b Cherry Hinton

Agnes Franklin, 19, housemaid, b Chesterton

Percy Lelliott, 16, houseboy, b Wilts


Robert Mutten, 53, caretaker, b Norfolk

Louisa Mutten, 53, housekeeper, b London

Bertha Marshall, 28, drapers assistant, b Manchester

Caroline Jack, 37, practical milliner, b London

Elma Geller, 36, drapers assistant, b Essex

Annie Gaunt, 22, drapers assistant, b New Zealand

Francis Cotton, 31, drapers assistant, b London

A F Masters, 29, drapers assistant, b Guilden Morden

Emily Masters, 31, drapers assistant, b Guilden Morden

Hartie Raffey, 26, drapers assistant, b London

Edith Girling, 28, drapers assistant, b Lincs

Florence Benstead, 22, drapers assistant, b Yorks

Elizabeth Graves, 19, drapers assistant, b Cottenham

Hayes Edith, 30, practical dressmaker, b Lincs

Edna Perry, 19, drapers assistant, b Longstanton

Francis Jelley, 21, drapers assistant, b Bedford

Louise Mason, 17, drapers assistant, b Waterbeach

Ethel Geeson, 26, drapers assistant, b St Ives

Maggie Markham, 24, drapers assistant, b Norfolk

Florence Andrews, 22, drapers assistant, b Suffolk

Irene Westley, 18, drapers assistant, b Stretham

Alice Colman, 22, drapers assistant, b Norfolk

Harriet Bateman, 23, drapers assistant, b Lincs

Amey Clipper, 30, drapers assistant, b London

Ethedreda Preece, 22, drapers assistant, b Suffolk

Janet McKerrow, 33, practical mantlecutter, b Northants

Rosa Simpkin, 22, drapers assistant, b Waterbeach

Arthur French, 20, drapers assistant, b Herts

Stonewall Jackson, 23, drapers assistant, b Rangoon

Metson Herbert, 30, drapers assistant, b Essex

Albert Bridges, 30, drapers assistant, b Suffolk

Arthur Ada, 19, drapers assistant, b Berks

Charles Richardson, 27, drapers assistant, b Essex

Frank Kennington, 19, drapers assistant, b Lincs

Thomas Winter, 31, drapers assistant, b Wisbech

Victor Hayes, 19, drapers apprentice, b London

Reginald lambert, 16, drapers assistant, b Yorks

Peck Frederick, 27, drapers assistant, b Oxford

Arthur Simons, 22, woollen salesman, b Glos

William Mace, 23, drapers assistant, b Dorset

George Willy, 16, apprentice drapers clerk, b Suffolk

Richardson Bales, 24, drapers assistant, b Norfolk

George Hockley, 24, drapers assistant, b Elm

Francis Sanders, 43, woollen salesman, b Devon

John Gee, 22, drapers assistant, b March

Walter Thurgood, 22, drapers assistant, b Brinkley

Ernest Marchant, 25, shop walker, b Norfolk

Cater Frederick, 22, drapers assistant, b Norfolk

Frederick Baxter, 27, drapers assistant, b Bedford

Walter Gotobed, 20, drapers assistant, b Littleport

Kate Barrett, 24, servant, b Waterbeach

Ada Coe, 27, cook,  b Cherry Hinton

Emma Northrop, 26, cook, b Cambs

Lizy Anderson, 24, cook, b Fulbourn

Jane Harvey, 17, cook, b Cambridge

Martha Fuller, 23, cook, b Burwell

Rose Gibson, 19, cook, b Bottisham

Basil Fabb, 15, cook, b Fulbourn

Robert Sayle’s c.1910 (Cambs Collection)

1911 ?

1913 (12-17)

Robert Sayle & Co

1919 becomes a private company, Robert Sayle and Co Ltd.

Robert Sayle invoice heading c.1925 (Cambs Collection)


Sold to Selfridges Provinical Stores


Sold to John Lewis Partnership

1962 (12-17)

Robert Sayle & Co

1842 Robert Sayle (1816-1883) opened his drapery business at 12 St Andrew’s Street. He had moved from Norfolk to London to learn the drapery trade at Hitchcock, Williams and Co near St Paul’s Cathedral.

His business in Cambridge sold Irish linen, sheeting, hosiery, haberdashery, furs, shawls, handkerchiefs, ribbons and fancy goods. The store was cutting edge for its time having large plate glass windows. The shop expanded until by 1888 it reach no.17.

Robert Sayle

Robert Sayle’s, 1855

Robert Sayle’s, 1855

Robert Sayle died of a heart attack in 1883 but the business continued until Selfridges bought it in 1934. In 1939 it was bought by the John Lewis Partnership.

Robert Sayle’s, 1869

Robert Sayle’s, 1881

Robert Sayle’s, St Andrew’s Street

Well in Robert Sayle’s yard, St Andrew’s Street (MoC4/222/64)

Well in Robert Sayle’s yard, St Andrew’s Street (MoC4/222/64)

Well in Robert Sayle’s Yard in process of demolition (MoC3/222/64)

Well in Robert Sayle’s Yard (MoC1/222/64)

The Grand Arcade excavation report (2019) p.328f has transcriptions of several interviews carried out with former Robert Sayle employees.




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