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12-19 St Andrew's Street

18-19 St Andrew’s Street

History of 18-19 St Andrew's Street

The Grand Arcade archaeological report of 2019 (p.260) notes that this frontage was combined behind a single facade c.1866-9 when it was occupied by chemist Henry James Church. There are three symbols on the keystones of the first floor window arches. The southernmost is a foliage decoration with a stylized lotus flower at the top; in the centre is Caduceus, two snakes entwined around the winged staff of Hermes, generally taken to be a symbol of the medical profession; the northernmost is a bunch of grapes flanked by vine tendrils. These are closely paralleled by a more extensive series on 41-45 Sidney Street.

18-19 St Andrew Street

18 – 19 St Andrew Street

18 – 19 St Andrew Street

18 – 19 St Andrew Street


(18?) unnumbered

Sally Henson, 46, lodging house keeper, b Suffolk

Jane, 15, b cambridge

Amelia, 11, b Cambridge

Henry, 9, b Cambridge

Frederick, 7, b Cambridge

Selina, 4, b Cambridge


Henry Bunting, 25, college servant, b Fenstanton

Susan, 26, b Cherry Hinton



John Christmas, 40, solicitor, b Cambridge

Sarah Richardson, 36, house servant, b St Ives


Joseph G Oliver, 73, tobacconist and tea dealer, b Rutland

Sarah, 42, artist in hair and pearl stringer, b Suffolk

Lucy, 31, artist in hair, b London

Joseph G, grandson, 4, b Cambridge

Henry Atkins, 42, clerk to auctioneer, b Cambridge

Emily Bevis, 18, house servant, b Chesterton

1871 (18 & 19)

Henry Church, 36, chemist and druggist, b Herts

Ellen Rosa, 28, b Bucks

Edward H, 4, b Cambridge

Ellen Mary, 2, b Cambridge

Frank Thompson, 16, apprentice, b Suffolk

Ann Dean, 18, servant, Cambs

Rachel Allgood, 20, servant, b Coton

1881 (19) Chemists Shop

Henry Church, 46, chemist


Edward H

Ellen M, 12, b Cambridge


Charles H Morse, 26, assistant to chemist, b Herts

Arthur B Chater, 19, assistant to chemist, b essex

Mary A Brooks, 24, servant, b Norfolk

Mary A Dean, 18, servant, b Little Swaffham

1891 (19)

Henry Church, 56, chemist, b Herts

Ellen A, 49, b Bucks

Edward H, 24, chemists assistant, b Cambridge

Frank P, 18, solicitors pupil, b Cambridge

Louis White, 26, chemists assistant, b Soham

Elizabeth Holmes, 27, cook, b Cambridge

Mary Ann Gotobed, 27, housemaid, b Sutton

1901 (18-19)

John Collin, 27, pharmaceutical chemist, b Kirtling

Harold A, 16, b Kirtling

Alice Staughton, housekeeper, 35, housekeeper, b Abbotsley

Ellen Watts, housemaid, 18, b Cherry Hinton


Edward Harry Church, 44, pharmaceutical chemist, b Cambridge

James Alexander Sharpley, boarder, 27, pharmacist, b Lincs

Alice Staughton, housekeeper, 46, b Abbotsley

Daisy May Marsh, servant, 19, b Bottisham

1913 (18/19)

Church & Son, pharmaceutical chemists

Edward H Church


George Peck and Son Ltd had acquired these premises as their third chemists by 1936.

Janet Hobson on Peck and Sons Ltd (p21 of E Saville Peck of cambridge)

Janet Hobson on Peck and Sons Ltd (p22 of E Saville Peck of cambridge)

Janet Simpson née Hobson grew up in Cambridge and worked as an apprentice at G Peck and Son.

18-19 St Andrew’s Street (MoC101.72)


(18/19) G Peck and Son chemists

(19) United Friendly Insurance

(19) Miss M Jarvis


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