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St Andrew's Street nos 26 - 30

29 St Andrew’s Street

History of 29 St Andrew's Street

See was part of the same plot historically as nos 28 and 27. See No. 27 notes.

1851 unnumbered

Frederick Mortlock, 33, bookmaker, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 30, b Cambridge

Ellen, 6, b Cambridge

Philip, 4, b Cambridge

Frederick, 2, b Cambridge

William, 1 m, b Cambridge

Sarah Roberts, 17, servant, b Thetford


Anthony Phillips, 22, undergraduate at St Catherine College, b Cambridge

Martha, sister, 25, shopwoman, b Cambridge

Elizabeth M, sister, 16, apprentice, b Cambridge

May Susannah, sister in law, 65, formerly ladys maid, b Kings Ripton

Harriett Constable, 16, house servant, b Toft

John Lloyd Griffith, 22, lodger, batchelor of arts, b Anglesea


Thomas Saunders, 63, hair cutter and perfumer, b Cambridge

Elina, 61, b Cambridge

Sarah Stretch, sister, 62, independent, b Cambridge

Clara Stretch, niece, 37, assistant, b Cambridge

Alfred Saunders, 32, hair cutter and a volunteer, b Cambridge

1881 tailors shop

Thomas Holdsworth, 53, tailor, b Ipswich

Sarah J, 50, b Suffolk

Katherine C, 24, b Cambridge

Alfred J, 19, tailor, b Cambridge

Eliza Webb, 14, servant, b Six Mile Bottom

Harrold Moore, lodger, 22, student, b Liverpool

Stuart Bruce, visitor, 22, student, b Woolwich





Scruby and Gray, auctioneers

R C Burrows solicitor and Clerk of the the Peace for the Borough of Cambridge


Gray, Swann and Cook surveyors

Hundred Houses Society


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