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1 St Peter’s Terrace, Trumpington Street

His of 1 St Peter's Terrace, Trumpington Street

Royal Commission Survey of Cambridge 1959: the site was advertised to let on building leases for a term of forty years in the Cambridge Chronicle for 30 Nov. 1850, plans and elevations being prescribed; application was to be made to Elliot Smith. In St Peter’s Terrace the revived Roman and the contemporary styles are combined with virtuosity and much logic in a street-front of architectural distinction.


Isabel Margaret Finch, 24, b Hampstead.  Her parents are away from home on the night of the census.  Her father, Gerard Brown Finch, is a Barrister.

Esther Fuller, 45, Housemaid, b Burwell

Louise Sharpe, 33, Cook, b Newmarket

Jessie Bilton, 22, Parlour Maid, b Little Wilbraham

Kathleen Parkinson, 17, Kitchen Maid, b Cambridge.  Her parents live at 5 Gifford Place, her father is a cellarman.


Joseph Griffiths, 47, consulting and operating surgeon, b Wales

Ethel Mary, 36, b Suffolk

Ethel Ivy Fanny, 12, b Cambridge

Cecilia Mary, 11, b Cambridge

David Frederick, 8, b Cambridge

Margaret Frances, 7, b Cambridge

Henry Joseph,  9 mos, b Cambridge

Nellie Margaret Baker, nurse, 23, b March

Nellie Rowney, 28, cook,  b Caxton

Mabel Gertrude Real, 18, maid, b Cambridge

Annie Elizabeth Chapman, 23, maid, b Stow cum Quy

Joseph Griffiths (1863-1945) appointed pathologist to Addenbrookes Hospital. During WWI Griffiths commanded the 1st Eastern General Hospital in Cambridge with the rank of colonel, RAMC. He is considered to have personally built up the hospital organisation in readiness for war and introduced a regime of open air wards with excellent results. He created a museum of pathology in Cambridge.

E M Keynes said in A House By The River: I am told that he had an almost fanatical belief in the curative value of direct sunlight … the Hospital [1stEGH] remained open-sided for nearly two years.


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