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Church Street, Chesterton - Pye Terrace on right. Date unknown. (MoC 99/73)

1 – 14 Church Street, Pye Terrace, Chesterton

History of 1 - 14 Church Street

Pye Terrace ©RGL2023



Edward Gillam Bell, head, 28, corn merchant, b Manor House Chesterton

Mary R Clarke, sister, 30,  b Bridge House Chesterton

Anthony D Clarke, nephew, 6, b Manor House Chesterton

Kate F Williams, 21, cook, b Chesterton

Lilian Hawkes, 18, housemaid, b Cambridge

In 1911 Edward was living at 102 Chesterton Road

In 1911 the rest of the family were living at Manor House.



Sarah Cox, 39, widow, college work, b Wicken

Earnest Osborn Howlett, son, 19, farm labourer, b Wicken

Winifred Mary Coe, daughter, 10, b Chesterton

Catherine Maud Coe, daughter, 7, b Chesterton

In 1913 Mrs Coe is living at 232 Victoria Road.

Pye Terrace ©RGL2023


14: Charles Samuel Hudson, college porter

13: George Edwards, shop assistant

12: Ernest Edward Coe, butcher

11: Harry Pitt jun, gardener

10: Harry Pitt, senior, gardener

9: Mrs Peacock

8: Alfred Lockie, bootmaker

7: Miss Caroline Matthews

6: Elias Taylor, retired police constable

5:  G J Newman, retired builder

4: Miss Emily Stevens

3: William Taylor, Emmanuel boathouse custodian

2: Mrs Mission

1: William George Randall, electrician

Pye Terrace ©RGL2023

Pye Terrace ©RGL2023


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