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Horse Grind ferry c.1900 Chesterton (MoC226/72)

Horse Grind ferry, Chesterton

History of the Horse Grind ferry Chesterton

Old Chesterton ferry

The photo shows the Horse grind ferry opposite the Green Dragon, Chesterton. There was a smaller ferry for pedestrians. The ferries were replaced by a footbridge in 1935, the last year of the Stourbridge Fair. By then ‘Old Alf’ had worked his ferry for 34 years.

Horse grind ferry, Green Dragon pub, 1909 (Cambridgeshire Collection)

Horse Grind Old Chesterton

Temporary bridge at Green Dragon in September 1920 when river level lowered to allow work on Baitsbite Lock (Cambridgeshire Collection)

Ferry at Green Dragon public house in 1928 (Cambridgeshire Collection)

The larger Horse Grind Ferry – 1928 (Cambridgeshire Collection)

Photo taken downstream from the Horse Grind ferry in 1928 (Cambridgeshire Collection)

Horse Grind ferry, Chesterton (MoC)

Horse grind replacement bridge, Chesterton (MoC127/51)

Replacement bridge in Chesterton (MoC26B/92/70)


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