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Scotland Road, 1901 OS map

Scotland Road (Back Lane), Chesterton

History of Scotland Road

Back Lane was renamed before the 1881 census. Chesterton Introduction British History Online refers to a ‘back lane to the north, mentioned in 1600, renamed Scotland Road by 1881.’ House numbering first appeared by the 1901 census.


The Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser 3/3/1849:

“Fire which consumed a considerable amount of property and some livestock broke out on premises attached to Scotland Farm in Back Lane Chesterton, the property of Mr William Wragg and occupied by Mr Jabez Ablett.  Fire was first observed just before midnight.  A man sleeping in the granary to guard the poultry against thieves, immediately gave the alarm.  Although the hour was late, a considerable portion of the village population immediately turned out to assist.  The houses were thatched and so rapid and destructive was the progress of the flame.  Every effort was made to save the livestock but one heifer and 16 fat hogs fell pray to the flames.  There was no doubt that the fire was the handiwork of an incendiary.”

This fire was only a week or so after a fire in Cottenham on premises also owned by Jabez Ablett. This fire is described (Bury and Norwich Post 11.4.1849) as taking place on 23rd February 1849; however it is not listed in the catalogue of Cottenham fires by Francis Garrett, Cottenham Ablaze.

1851: Back Lane

In the 1851 Census there are 11 households listed for Back Lane.

Francis Mansfield


William Jolley


William Coxall


Jabez Ablett, 59, employing 5 men and 1 boy, b Gamlingay

[Jabez married Ann Finkell of Steeple Morden and moved to Cottenham. It seems very likely that he lived, and possibly built, Ablett’s House and Ablett’s Row there according to Cambridgeshire Place Names by A. Poulton-Smith.)]

Ann, 66, b Steeple Morden

Mary, 34, b Cottenham

Finkell, 20, b Cottenham

Jabez, 17, b Cottenham

Jane Desborough, 17, servant, b Rampton

[The Ablett family also had two married daughter, Sarah and Elizabeth, living elsewhere.]


Charles Smith


William Salmon


David Middleton


William Munday


Rebecca Bede


William Pitt


Thomas Smith


Caroline Meeks

1861: Back Lane

Sarah Mansfield


Henry Philips


William Coxall


Charles Smith


(Farm House)

Jabez Ablett, 69, farmer 135 acres employing 5 men and 1 boy

Ann, 66,

Finkle, 30,

Sarah Ragford, servant, 19,


Edward Wratten


Thomas Smith


James Norfield


Rebecca Peak


John Chapman


Elizabeth Whybrew


Owen Cambridge


Jabez Ablett died 1866, aged 75. Buried 29.9.1866.

He bequeathed to his wife al his household effects and £100. The Leasehold of the Chesterton farm was passed to his son Finkell. The residue was shared between his children, his daughters’ legacies left in their sole control. The share for his daughter Sarah was kept in the family’s control since her husband, Henry Mann, had gone bankrupt in 1861.

In 1871 Ann Ablett was living at 16 Brunswick Place.

1871: Back Lane

Thomas Willson


Robert Frost


James Strudwick


Samuel Winters


William Saunders


James Page


Thomas Smith


Alfred Humphrey


Rebecca Peek


Thomas Willett


John C Moule


Georgina Wallace


James Dewey

1872 After Ann’s death the property in Chesterton was auctioned off. It is described by the Cambridge Chronicle as:

“a comfortable brick and slate dwelling house situate in the centre of the village, together with a stable, chaise-house, premises and garden at the back.  Also six tenaments with small gardens and separate lodge and pigsty to each.”

1881: Scotland Road

In the census preface provision is made to record Back Lane but in fact this has already been renamed Scotland Road.

Henry Gray, 50, groom, b Chesterton


George Smith, 34, coal porter, b Chesterton


Alfred Collins, 47, labourer, b Chesterton


John Smith, 60, general labourer, b Chesterton


William Chapman, 21, carpenter, b Chesterton


William Carrington, 32, gardener, b Kingston


Honour Mansfield, 57, charwoman, b Milton


George Winters, 30, farmer 118 acres employing 3 men and 3 boys, b Chesterton


John Rayner, 70, gardener, b Trumpington


William Walter Laurence, 31, nurseryman and florist, b Cambridge


1 uninhabited

1891: Scotland Road

Harry Gray, 59, gardener, b Chesterton


John Pearce, 57, Cambs Corp servant, b Madingley


Robert Patman, 50, gardener, b Madingley


(Scotland Farm House)

Samuel Walter Doggett, 30, farm foreman, b Chesterton


James Rush, 27, ag.lab., b Longstanton


Charles Moule, 50, gen. dealer, b Chesterton


Laura Franklin, 23, laundress, b Cambridge


William Mansfield, 33, ag.lab., b Chesterton


Walter Nelson, 54, shepherd, b Chesterton


Benjamin Brown, 44, gravel digger, b Chesterton


William Bain, 27, college servant, b Peterborough


Elizabeth Chapman, 72, living on her own means, b Chesterton


William Cuttinge, 39, labourer, b Waterbeach


Thomas Jackson, 66, ag.lab., b Great Chesterford


Thomas Lindsell, 70, retired labourer, b Debden


George Smith, 45, coal porter, b Chesterton

1901: Scotland Road

Howes Cottage

Daniel Howe, 46, wheelwright, b West Wratting


Howes Cottage

Fred Cook, 23, cycle machinist, b Cambridge


14 Scotland Road

William Speed, 47, labourer, b Chesterton


23 Scotland Road

Frederick Daish, 50, gardener, b Isle of Wight


12 Scotland Road

Mary Gawthorp, 59, retired laundress, b Huntingdon

Mr and Mrs Gawthrop outside their cottage in Scotland Road (date unknown)


Scotland Farm

Walter Doggett, 39, foreman on farm, b Chesterton


Scotland House

David Camps, 59, dealer, b Cambridge


19, Scotland Road, Broton Cottages

Alfred Phillips, 36, labourer, b Chesterton


17, Scotland Road, Broton Cottages

James Driver, 32, railway labourer, b Chesterton


15, Scotland Road

Joseph Farrington, 44, maltster labourer, b Cambridge


13, Scotland Road

Benjamin Brown, 57, foreman roadman, b Chesterton


11, Scotland Road

William Downham, 57, horsekeeper, b Norfolk


9, Scotland Road

Nellie Mansfield, 26, laundress, b Chesterton


7, Scotland Road

together with 9


8, Scotland Road

Thomas Jackson, 77, parish clerk, b Chesterton


6, Scotland Road

James Kent, 26, bricklayer’s labourer, b Cambridge


4, Scotland Road

George Smith, 55, labourer, b Chesterton


2, Scotland Road

Sylvanus Shipp, 34, bricklayer’s labourer, b Great Wilbraham

1911: Scotland Road

End of Parliamentary Borough of Cambridge

(7 Howes Cottages)

Francis Crick, 51, farm labourer, b Comberton


(6 Howes Cottages)

Charlotte Langley, 50, char woman, b Elsworth


(5 Howes Cottages)

Jacob Negus, 68, farm labourer, b Fen Ditton


(4 Howes Cottages)

Martha Worboys, 67, widow, b Littlington


(3 Howes Cottages Green End Road)

James Stanford, 55, bricklayer’s labourer, b Chesterton


(2 Howes Cottages)

William Curtis, 35, labourer, b Kingston


(1 Howes Cottages)

David Howe, 58, wheelwright, b West Wratting


(14) William Raymond Speed, 58, labourer, b Chesterton


(5 Masters Cottage)

Arthur Doggitt, 39, labourer, b Chesterton


(4 Masters Cottage)

William Mansfield, 37, labourer, b Chesterton


(3 Masters Cottage)

Robert Shallow, 41, labourer, b Scotland


(2 Masters Cottage)

John Henry Franklin, 38, carman, b Chesterton


(1 Masters Cottage)

Fred Cooke, 33, cycle repairer, b Cambridge


(23) Ellis William Headly, 52, private means, b Croydon


(12) Joseph Unwin, 44, labourer, b Cambridge


(21) Walter Doggett, farm foreman, b Chesterton


(10) Henry Webb, 52, baker, b Shelford


(19) Alfred Phillips, 46, labourer, b Chesterton


(17) Robert Chapman, 39, none invalid, b Chesterton


(15) Arthur Norfield, 50, farm labourer, b Chesterton


(13) Benjamin Brown, 64, labourer, b Milton


(11) William Downham, 67, farm labourer, b Westleigh Cambs


(9) George William Downham, 40, labourer, b Chesterton


(8) Eliza Minns, 48, charwoman, b Duxford


(6) Elizabeth Mansfield, 64, jam factory hand, b Chesterton


(4) George Smith, 68, coal carter


(2) Sylvanus Shipp, 44, bricklayer’s labourer

A milk delivery in Scotland Road in the 1930s.

1939: Scotland Road


(34) Cyril S Webb, b 1894, taximeter motor cab owner


(36) William D Laughley, b 1899, wood machinist


(38) Reginald F Newport, b 1909, soft furnishing salesman


(40) William Jackson, b 1896, scaffolder


(42) Walter C Merry, b 1911, corporation gardener


(44) Charles Y Cole, b 1883, unemployed painter


(46) William A Deeks, b 1879, labourer


(48) Ernest W Constable, b 1898, college kitchen porter (ARP warden)


(50) Jack Daisley, b 1907, van driver


(52) George Spring, b 1883, postman


(54) Percy Taylor, b 1904, bricklayer’s labourer


(56) John Bavister, b 1885, labourer


(58) Arthur Hall, b 1894, labourer


(60) John F Symonds, b 1887, gasworks retort house tap jumper


(62) Frederick E Hayward, b 1902, statistical clerk


(64) Arthur E Coney, b 1898, builder’s foreman


(66) Arthur Pell, b 1889, foreman packing radio works


(68) Stanley F Bell, b 1910. assistant chef


(70a) Albert E Phillips, b 1901, brewery cellarman


(70) James William Symonds, b 1909, scientific instrument maker


(72) William Couch, b 1910, plasterer


(74) Alfred Hulyer, b 1906, carpenter


(76) John Wisbeach, b 1892, stableman


(78) Herbert Rayment, b 1871, farming smallholder


(80) Alfred Ward, b 1899, technician chief in University Nutritional laboratory in wholesale employment of government Dept of Medicine


(82) Ivat H Hazel, b 1894, master house decorator


(84) Donald G Farrant, b 1911, estates agent managing clerk


(86) Maud S Piercy, b 1873


(96) George Patten, b 1911, bricklayer


(98) Thomas C R Haigh, b 1908, fitter in food factory


(100) Charles G Wilson, b 1909, under manager retail and food provisions


(102) vacant


(104) Arthur Doggett, b 1871, retired labourer


(132) Frederick Gawthrop, b 1872, retired gravel digger


(134) Anne C Wasbrough, b 1917


(136) Edwin L Batterbee, b 1889, steel erector


(138) Linda L Palmer, b 1902


(140) Walter Stonebridge, b 1902, labourer


(142) Gastow Denson, b 1876, railway engineer


(144) Robert F Daynes, b 1885, labourer


(146) Leslie M G Barham, b 1908, window cleaner


(148) Ann Lofts, b 1859


(150) Leonard Savidge, b 1908, general shop keeper


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