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1 (67) Hills Road, Gonville House

History of 1 Hills Road

Built 1829



William Crowe, 55

Eliza, 55

Mary Pitt, 15

Ellen Jackson, 25, servant


Gonville House

William Crowe, 66 brick merchant, b Norfolk

Eliza, 66, b Bucks

Sarah Clabbon, visitor, 68, b Bucks

Charlotte Cottermole, 24, servant, b Norfolk

Emma Cottermole, 12, servant, b Norfolk

[See Mill Road Cemetery entry]


Gonville House

Joshua Edlestone, retired major marines


Mary Newman, housemaid, 28, born Cambridge

Maria Jews, servant, 42, born Durham

Henry Chapman, groom, 16, born Herts


(67 Hills Road)

Joshua Edlestone, 76, major in army retired, born Cambridge


Matthew Bates, 37, groom servant, born Ely

Maria Jeeves, 57, housemaid, born Durham

Eliza Gotobed, 28, cook, born Ely


(67 Hills Road)

Mary Edleston, investments in gas and water

Caroline Wing

Fanny Simmester, servant, 26, born Fen Drayton


(Gonville Place, Gonville House)

Mary Eddleston, 82, widow, living on own means, born Bourn

Alice Wyman, niece, 46, living on own means, born Herts

Caroline Wing, servant, 40, cook, born Lincs.

Alice Lonwood, servant, 26, housemaid, born Cambs


Joseph A Sturton, grocer ( in 1891 the Sturton family were living on the London Road in Trumpington)


Doris C, 19, born Cambridge

Keith M, 13, born Cambridge

Margaret E, 10, born Cambridge

Thomas G Godding, visitor, 22, druggist, born Middlesex

Lucy Hayden, 27, servant, born Willingham

Alice Jacklin, servant


Joseph Ashworth Sturton, 54, provision merchant, born Cambridge

Ellinor Sturton, 54, born Cambridge

Margaret Edith Sturton, 20,

Lawrence Henry Marshall, visitor, 29, undergrad student, born Lincs

Alice Jacklin, 40, nurse, born Cambs

Emily Murrill, 17, housemaid, born Cambridge


(1, Gonville House)

John Ashworth Sturton, Councillor of the Borough



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