Capturing Cambridge
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(50) Hills Road

History of (50) Hills Road

Approximate location. The numeration of Hills Road in the 1841 census is difficult to link with that of the censuses of 1851 and 1861. No. 50 in the 1841 census was probably one of the houses numbered twenty years later as 63-65. The only identification that can be done with certainty are those of Wilkins’s house which is no.45 in 1841 and no.61 in 1861, and that of Gonville House.


Romilly moved to Hills Road when his sisters came from Dulwich to live with him.


Joseph Romilly, 45, clergyman [registrary of Cambridge University and diarist]

Margaret, 55

Lucy, 40

Jane Smith, 30, servant

Elizabeth Edwards, 25, servant

Romilly moved to Scroope Terrace after Margaret’s death.


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