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110 Hills Road, Mayfield (43)

History of 1110 Hills Road



Charles Wagstaff, 66, brewer, b Cambridge

Anna M, 68, b Cambs

Edward B Hoced [?], nephew, 19, b Sussex

Ann Crisp, servant, 21, housemaid, b Longstanton

Esther Crisp, 20, cook, b Longstanton


Frederic Warrent, 30, coal merchant, b Cambridge

Anoria K, 30, b Cambridge

Katherine M, 2, b Cambridge

Frederic M, 1, b Cambridge

Harold, 2m, b Cambridge

Elizabeth James, servant, 25, b Wales, cook

Emma Chieves, servant, 20, b March, nursemaid

Elizabeth Shaw, 13, servant, b Cambridge, nursemaid



Robert Farren, 49, fine art paintings, b Cambridge

Annie W, 51, b Cambridge

William, father, widower, 71, b Cambridge

Ernest W, 29, photographer, b Cambridge

Mary A, 25, fine art painting, b Cambridge

Annie, 24, milliner, b Cambridge

Jessie, 23, printer, b Cambridge

Alice, 21, milliner, b Cambridge

Amy, 20, artist painter fine arts, b Cambridge

Nellie, 18, fine arts, b Cambridge

Robert, 17, fine art print seller, b Cambridge

Eva, 16, b Cambridge

Margaretie, 14, b Cambridge

Andrew, 12, b Cambridge

Alexandra, 10, b Cambridge

Ethel, 7, b Cambridge

In 1911 the Farren family was living in Station Road.

Robert Farren seated left with his father, mother and children


Edward C Reardon, 28, teacher of English and Mathematics, b Kent

Leo Marlow, boarder, 13, scholar, b Ireland

Ernest Marlow, boarder, 11,  scholar, b Ireland

Terence O’Keefe, boarder, 16, scholar, b London

Edward Scott, boarder, 15, scholar, b Hants

Joseph Thornton, 17, scholar, b Manchester

Mary Leeson, 39, servant, b Lancs


Edith Emily Whitmore, wife, 33, b Cambridge

Cyril G Whitmore, 11, born Cambridge

Eric Whitmore, 6, b Cambridge

Harriett Turner, servant, 19, b Stapleford, housemaid

Agnes Ison, servant, 23, b Chesterton, cook


John Berry Walford, 28, mechanical engineer, born Wales

Hilda Mary, 23, born Cambridge

Elsie Rebecca Kate, 19, servant, b Ely


John Berry Walford


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